Why Life-skills are important?

As we know to have a healthy and fit body we need to consume good and healthy food, the same thing applied to our life as well.
Shrutipurna Mitra

As we know to have a healthy and fit body we need to consume good and healthy food, the same thing applied to our life as well. We must know the applications of our skills in life.  Life skills are essential skills and necessary to learn and understand. Most of us think, ‘why should I learn self-control when I can control my tears in front of others?’ But, this is a delusion because we have to learn where to express and where to suppress. We must learn to train our brains to communicate to ourselves before someone else would come and hurt us or cheat us.

This is possible when you learn the essence of life skills. You will understand what others ruminate, prepare and implement. It will take less than a minute to realize what should be your action plan if you face failure rather than pushing yourself to anxiety or depression.

Life skills can be learned anytime whatever your age is. Remember, age doesn’t matter if you want to learn something new. In learning, you will teach and in teaching, you will learn. Transformation of your body won’t help you much if you are unable to transform or reform your mindset and for that, you need to learn the use of life skills.

 One day I have been asked by one of the learners, “Success means what?

 Success or Showcase                                               

I have seen people chasing success to showcase it to others. Well, that’s not a real success when you are so eager to showcase it to people. Your achievement will give you inner peace and pleasure that should not depend on someone else’s statements. 

The definition of success keeps changing.  Once we get one we are chasing another and another and on. This means there is no end to chasing and desiring in our life. The word ‘chase’ is not appropriate, rather we can use desire. Well, now many of you might think, so, desiring new is wrong? The answer is No. It depends where you wish to give a full stop and how you can control yourself or resist yourself. If you are planning to purchase a 3bhk in the coming 5 years and once you achieve it you are planning to purchase a villa or penthouse in the next two years, it is not at all wrong to plan. But, if you are unable to accomplish then you must introspect. You have to go back to your previous plan and watch your takes (action or steps). Something has gone wrong that dragged you down, most of the time we don’t have such patience to think and apply. And here life skills are important to learn.

What are the life skills?

To lead in life life-skills are essential.

Communication, Time management, study skills, conflict management, creative thinking, peer management, social skills, problem solving & decision making, analytical thinking & presentation skills, mind map skills and bully management, emotional intelligence, and man –mind –mapping process.

I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist to give you prescriptions. I believe in simple ways to lead an easy life to bloom.  I am a mind therapist, career coach, and mentor who can help you to get relief from your stress and guide you to redesign your future. I don’t teach but train people so that they can help others and this is the uplifting system of life. We have to help each other and develop an enriching habit of success.

Best of luck!

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