Able to answer any question: Kavitha on being implicated in the Delhi liquor fraud case.

HYDERABAD: The daughter of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao criticized the BJP government at the Centre, claiming that the ED arrived before Prime Minister Narendra Modi in election-bound states and that she was not afraid of being arrested. A day earlier, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had named TRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha in the remand report in the Delhi liquor scam.

Able to answer any question: Kavitha on being implicated in the Delhi liquor fraud case.

Speaking to the reporters at her home in this location, Kavitha said that the ED had put her name on purpose in the Amit Arora remand report as punishment for the TRS revealing the BJP's attempts to purchase TRS MLAs and undermine the state government.

Kavitha warned the BJP-led government at the Centre against attempting to harm the reputation of TRS leaders through "selective leaks" to the media without any concrete evidence of their involvement while stating that she would fully cooperate with the ED in its investigation into the liquor scam and that she was prepared to face any inquiry. She said, "We're not frightened of anything.

The ED named Kavitha as a significant member of the "South Group" in its remand report on Wednesday. The "South Group" is accused of paying 100 crores to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders through businessman Vijay Nair. According to the ED, Kavitha and Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy were in charge of the organization.

Kavitha said that the BJP-led administration at the Center had made it a habit to use improper means to attack Opposition-ruled states before to elections. "It has happened before, and it is happening once more. Everywhere elections are held since the BJP took control of the government at the center eight years ago, the ED shows up first, followed by PM Modi. Elections for the Telangana Assembly will take place in 2019. The ED has now reached Telangana. The BJP's standard operating procedure is a cheap political ploy."

She asserted that the recent charges brought by the ED, I-T, and CBI against TRS officials, including herself, only attempt to harm TRS's reputation and that the BJP's strategies would not succeed in Telangana since its residents are politically aware. "By connecting my name to the scandal, the BJP is aiming to damage the party's credibility. The people of Telangana have seen how thoroughly we exposed the BJP's plan to topple the TRS government, she added.

She declared that the TRS will continue to fight for the people of Telangana and the nation while exposing the faults of the BJP administration even if the Modi government arrested and imprisoned her.

Later, Kavitha tweeted, "The BJP has been alarmed by CM KCR's creation of the BRS. These tactics of inciting hatred, spreading racism, and using intimidation won't succeed with the TRS Party's supporters. Nothing can stop us from serving the people of Telangana because we are committed to doing so."