Condoms and cigarettes are found in Bengaluru's unexpected school bag inspections.

Following concerns that kids brought cell phones into the classroom, several schools began to inspect students' baggage.
Condoms and cigarettes are found in Bengaluru's unexpected school bag inspections.

Authorities of numerous local schools were shocked by the results of an experiment to monitor cell phone use in the classroom.

The bags of students in Classes 8, 9, and 10 also contained condoms, oral contraceptives, lighters, cigarettes, whiteners, and extra cash, in addition to cell phones.

Following concerns that kids brought mobile phones into the classrooms, several schools started inspecting students' baggage. Even the Karnataka Association of Primary and Secondary Schools (KAMS) requested that schools begin scrutinising students' baggage. But the result was unexpected.

A few schools had unique parent-teacher conferences. The principal of a school in Nagarabhavi remarked, "Parents were similarly astonished and told us about rapid behavioural changes in youngsters.

Instead of disciplining pupils, schools decided to properly manage the problem and sent notes to parents advising counselling. Despite having counselling sessions at the schools, the administrator claimed, "we advised parents to seek outside therapy for children and gave leave for up to 10 days."

A condom, according to another principal, was discovered in a Class 10 girl's luggage. "When questioned, she pointed the finger upon her peers or the people at the private school she attends."

According to KAMS general secretary D Shashi Kumar, inspections were present in 80% of the schools. "One student's suitcase contained oral contraceptives (i-Pills). Aside from that, water bottles contained alcohol "explained he.

"We are having trouble getting over this shock. It was discovered that students were using filthy language, bullying their peers and instructors, and making inappropriate gestures. Children as young as Class 5 exhibit this type of behaviour "said Kumar.

Parental monitoring was emphasised by Dr. A. Jagadish, a specialist psychiatrist at Abhaya Hospital. "In one instance, a single mother discovered a condom in the shoe rack of her 14-year-old son. A few kids like experimenting and engaging in these kinds of activities. Smoking, which can lead to drug addiction, and excessive interaction with people of the opposite sex that could result in physical contact are examples of this "He advised parents to mentor their children.