MBBS student kidnapping case: Accused alleges, "I murdered her and put the body near Bandstand."

Police believe lifeguard Mithu Singh may have discarded the corpse of an MBBS student at Bandstand since he is familiar with a difficult marshy region there from a 2016 rescue.
MBBS student kidnapping case: Accused alleges, "I murdered her and put the body near Bandstand."

Third-year MBBS student abduction suspect Mithu Singh admitted to murdering her and dumping her body close to Bandra Bandstand after being apprehended. He further admitted to the police that Abdul Jabbar Ansari, a different apprehended suspect in the case, assisted him in committing the murder. On Thursday, detectives from Mumbai Crime Branch Unit 09 brought both defendants to Bandstand to reenact the crime. Cops claimed to have some leads regarding the remains, but they withheld any more information. They promised to soon file murder-related charges in the case.

Due to technological evidence, the police believe that the corpse is buried or thrown at Bandstand, where both accused persons were on the day of the occurrence.

Singh was interrogated for more over two hours before being returned to the Bandra Unit 09 office. Ansari, the second accused, was escorted to his home, which is only a short 100 metres from the crime site, hours later. For more over an hour, the police searched his home. He was led to his home's patio and interrogated there.

Officers from the Crime Branch have also made panchnama at the scene and the residences of both suspects. We can't discuss the specifics at this time since we are still gathering information to make connections, an officer stated. But as of right now, we are certain that the woman was murdered. We'll shortly use Sections 201 (evidence destruction) and 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code in this case.

Mid-day was informed by sources that Ansari's home had some construction about a year and a half before to the event. The house hasn't undergone any construction, according to his family, for the previous five years.

Officers with the Crime Branch have established that the accused admitted to throwing the woman's corpse into the water. According to the accused, three women were carried away at Bandstand on January 9, 2016. A guy named Ramesh leaped in at the moment and saved two of them, but he too perished while attempting to save the third woman. The next day, Ramesh's body was discovered in Mahim, but the woman's body was not.

An officer stated, "We spoke to the relatives of the woman who passed away in 2016 and they verified the reality. Singh allegedly disclosed this to the police and said that since he knew the site, he utilised it to dispose of the MBBS student's body after she was killed. Police are currently questioning Singh about a potential motivation, but based on their first suspicions, they believe Singh raped the lady, killed her, and then helped his buddy Ansari dispose of her corpse.

"We've asked Indian Navy divers to look for the corpse in the water. Due to the high tide, we were unable to accomplish that on Thursday. However, after consulting with the weather department, we will begin a search operation on Friday.

Nov. 29, 2021, the day the woman vanished