Every government initiative opens the door to creating jobs, according to PM Modi at the Rozgar Mela.

The administration has prioritised making government hiring quicker, more transparent, and more equitable.
Every government initiative opens the door to creating jobs, according to PM Modi at the Rozgar Mela.

New Delhi, May 16: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the measures his administration has taken to increase employment in the nation. He also said that every policy created over the past nine years has served as a "gateway to producing employment" for young people.

During the National Rozgar Mela on Tuesday, the Prime Minister made his comments while handing appointment letters to 71,000 new recruits. Speaking digitally on the occasion, PM Modi said, "A lot of attention has been paid over the past nine years to expanding employment prospects in the nation. Every government strategy and policy, whether it be for developing rural areas or constructing modern infrastructure, opens the door to creating jobs for young people."

The Prime Minister emphasised that the government has prioritised making government hiring quicker, more transparent, and more equitable under his administration.

Today, everything from applying for a job to receiving results is done online. The recruitment interviews for Groups C and D are also over. The benefit of these efforts is that corruption and nepotism are no longer possibilities, according to PM Modi.

He praised the government's initiatives and stated that it was giving young people new job prospects.

"Every programme and law enacted by the Indian government has the potential to give young people new job prospects. The Indian government has invested around Rs 34 lakh crore in capital projects over the past nine years "declared the prime minister.

The candidates and their families received congratulations from PM Modi for receiving the appointment letter.

He added that India is currently operating at a pace and magnitude that has never been seen in its 75-year history of freedom.

He also discussed the "new revolution" the start-up culture has brought about in the nation.

"In the past nine years, the nature of work has also altered drastically. For the young people in these shifting times, new industries have evolved. These emerging industries are also consistently supported by the national government. The nation has experienced a fresh revolution in start-up culture during the past nine years. Around 100 startups were present in the nation nine years ago, but today there are roughly 1 lakh "said he.

Employment possibilities are being created as a result of both the country's record exports and the foreign direct investments made there. The new fields of employment for young people have been made available by this changing scenario. The Central Government continues to assist these emerging sectors, he said.

In comparison to the time before 2014, PM Modi emphasised the accelerated growth of rural road networks.

The country's rural road network covered fewer than 4 lakh kilometres before 2014, but it has now grown to more than 7.25 lakh kilometres. Prior to 2014, there were just 74 airports in the nation, which limited its air travel infrastructure. This number has now increased to somewhere around 150," he said.

"I met the CEO of Walmart a few days ago, and he predicted that in the next three to four years, his company will export goods worth Rs 80,000 crore. For young people who wish to work in the logistics and supply chain industry, this is excellent news. The CEO of Cisco also informed me that the company plans to export goods made in India worth Rs 8,000 crores. I'll be seeing significant company CEOs the next week, and they're all eager to invest in India "said the prime minister.