Anupam Kher comments on the controversy between South and Bollywood films: "They're telling tales, we're selling stars."

Recently, Anupam Kher appeared in the Telugu movie Karthikeya 2.
anupam kher

There is no need to introduce Anupam Kher. With his selection of films, the seasoned actor has given his admirers numerous reasons to treasure his performances. In films such as Baby, Special 26, A Wednesday, Vivah, and others, Kher has exhibited his acting prowess. The actor has a sizable fan base on social media and is very active there. Anupam Kher is currently basking in the success of his latest Telugu film Karthikeya 2. The Kashmir Files was successful earlier. Kher recently discussed the continuing dispute between South and Bollywood films in an interview.

In his interview with ETimes, Anupam Kher stated, "You produce products for customers. The moment you begin thinking that by creating a fantastic movie, we are doing you a favour, that is when the problem begins. You are currently viewing a fantastic movie. I have learned that success requires teamwork when working on Telugu movies. I recently completed another Telugu picture, I recently completed a Tamil feature, and I will soon begin work on a Malayalam film."

He went on to say, "They are not copying Hollywood, therefore I don't differentiate between the two, but I believe their cinema is worthwhile. While we sell stars over here, they are telling stories."

Speaking of Karthikeya 2, it is the follow-up to the 2014 movie Karthikeya and stars Nikhil Siddhartha in an adventure drama. Anupama Parameswaran played Mugdha in the Chandoo Mondeti-directed movie, which also starred Anupam Kher as Dhanvantri, Srinivasa Reddy as Sadananda, Harsha Chemudu as Suleman, and Adithya Menon as Santanu.