At the Grammys in 2022, AR Rahman and his son Ameen will meet K-Pop group BTS. Photos and video are available.

AR Rahman and his son AR Ameen attended this year's Grammy Awards.
ar rahman

AR Rahman and his son AR Ameen, the music maestro, appear to have had a great time at the recent Grammy Awards.

On social media, clips and photographs of the father-son duo interacting with BTS, a Korean boy band, have gone viral.

In a brief film, we see Rahman posing with one of the BTS members while the rest of the members sit in front of them. Ameen may also be seen posing with the world-famous singing trio in other images.

Ameen posted the images to Twitter. One ARMY member inquired what BTS and Ameen talked about during their meeting in the comments area of one of the photos, to which Ameen answered, "They transmit their love for India."

Another commenter pointed out that Ameen's father is a well-known figure in the music industry. He wrote, "Don't forget his father is an Oscar and Grammy winner."

BTS performed at this year's Grammys to their smash hit "Butter," much to the joy of its fans.