George R.R. Martin confirmed a Jon Snow spin-off program is in the works, citing Kit Harington as the inspiration.

HBO is working on a Jon Snow spin-off, according to George R.R. Martin. He also said that three more projects based on the Game of Thrones world are in the works.

A Fable of Ice and Fire According to The Hollywood Reporter, creator George RR Martin has revealed that a Jon Snow spin-off program is in production at HBO. Martin said that the show's working title is Snow. Martin turned to his blog to reveal that, in addition to Snow, three more series are in the works, and that, while information about them had previously leaked, no one knew anything about the production of Snow.

"Yes, a Jon Snow show is in the works," he wrote. Martin said of the other Game of Thrones spin-offs in the works, "There are four live-action successor series in production at HBO." Three of them were recently discovered. Amanda Segel directs the Nymeria show Ten Thousand Ships. Bruno Heller and Sea Snake, aka Nine Voyages. And Steve Conrad's Dunk & Egg program, The Hedge Knight or Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Some of these, I believe, were formally declared; in others, information was leaked. Snow has been in production for nearly as long as the other three, but for some reason, it has never been acknowledged or leaked... until now."

Martin revealed that the concept for the program was offered to them by actor Kit Harrington, who even brought his own team for the project. "It appears that Emilia Clarke has previously said in a recent interview that Snow was Kit's idea." So that's out of the way. Yes, Kit Harrington was the one who suggested it to us. I can't tell you who the writers/showrunners are since it hasn't been approved for release yet... "But Kit brought in his own crew, and they are fantastic," he wrote. He also stated that he was engaged in the creation of these shows.

While Martin offered Game of Thrones fans enough to shout about, he also stated that none of these projects have been green-lit and that there is no assurance that any of them will be broadcast. "All four of these follow-up episodes are still in the scripting stage."Outlines and treatments were prepared and approved, scripts were created, notes were given, and second and third draughts were written. So far, so good. This is how television operates. Please keep in mind that nothing has been greenlit yet, and there is no guarantee that it will be... on any of these programs. "The possibility of all four seasons airing... well, I'd love it, but that's not normally how it works," he wrote.

Meanwhile, on August 21, HBO will premiere the first Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon. The drama is set in the Targaryen dynasty and follows how the Targaryens came to govern Westeros as well as the family's civil conflict known as the 'Dance of the Dragons.'