Meet the Travel Partners of Pooja Hegde. Of course, the Maldives is the location.

Pooja Hegde will visit the island nation to commemorate her mother's birthday.
pooja hegde

New Delhi: Guys, don't bother Pooja Hegde. She and her family are on vacation. It was disclosed on Instagram by South beauty. The Hedges is located in the Maldives. It's also been dubbed a "long overdue" famjam by her. “Finally. After 13 years, we finally took a family vacation. The caption stated, "Long overdue and much-needed." The hashtags "FamJam" and "DND [Do Not Disturb]" have also been added to the post. So, what distinguishes this festival from others? Pooja Hegde will visit the island nation to commemorate her mother's birthday. Aww, very sweet. There's also a photo of the family. In front of a yacht, we can see Pooja Hegde, her brother Rishabh Hegde, and their parents.

That's not all, though. Pooja Hegde has also uploaded a few photos on her Instagram Stories. She wanted us to meet the Hegde family's "most dramatic member." Is she referring to herself? It's not her; it's her father. Take a look at this:


Pooja Hegde then dropped a postcard with the "boss lady" on it. Yes, we're referring to her mother. The photo was taken onboard a yacht. "Birthday girl on her birthday eve," the text stated.


Now, take a peek at Pooja Hegde's "temporary residence."


Pooja Hegde didn't forget to strike a fancy pose for her internet family in the midst of it all.


Pooja Hegde enjoys spending time in the Maldives. She's also "simply an average girl in search of exceptional adventures." This isn't what we're saying. She was the one who did it. The actress appears to be having a good time with the statement floating breakfast. To say the least, the entire spread looks delectable.

Do you recall how she compared herself to a Twix bar? "A caramel-dipped biscuit with a chocolate coating... Basically, I'm a Twix bar?" she penned

Pooja Hegde will next be seen in Cirkus, opposite Ranveer Singh. Radhe Shyam, Beast, Acharya, and Most Eligible Bachelor are among her other favorites.