Samantha Ruth Prabhu Offers Support to Pregnant Kajal Aggarwal, who lashes out at body-shamers.

Trolls have been body-shaming Kajal Aggarwal because of her pregnancy weight gain. The actress wrote a long letter to everyone, including a few 'morons,' and addressed it to them all.
kajal aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal had had enough of the fat shaming and memes that accompanied her pregnancy. The actress, who is expecting her first child husband Gautam Kitchlu, took to Instagram to share a lengthy message about body positivity, as well as a few happy photos of her expanding baby belly. She educated 'morons' who were teasing her about her pregnancy weight and offered support to other ladies in similar situations.

Kajal began her email by sharing photos from her Dubai holiday and explaining that she has been struggling with some "wonderful" changes in her body and that comments condemning her body aren't helping her process. "I've been coping with some of the most incredible new events in my life, my body, my house, and, most significantly, my workplace." Furthermore, certain remarks, body-shaming messages, and memes are ineffective. "Let's learn to be kind, and if that's too difficult, let's simply live and let live!" she suggested.

"Here are a few of my thoughts for all others who are going through similar life problems and should read this, especially the self-absorbed fools who simply don't seem to get it." Several changes occur in our bodies during pregnancy, including weight increase!! As the baby grows and our bodies prepare to nurse, hormonal changes lead our stomachs and breasts to get larger. When our bodies grow larger, some of us may develop stretch marks. Acne can appear on our skin at any time. We may also feel significantly more exhausted than usual, with mood swings occurring more frequently. We are more inclined to have unhealthy or negative ideas about our bodies when we are in a bad mood. Also, we may take a long time to return to our pre-pregnancy appearance after giving birth, or we may never totally return to our pre-pregnancy appearance. "And that's all right," she added.

She emphasized that these changes are normal and that women who gain weight during pregnancy should not be made to feel "weird." "We don't need to fit into a box or a stereotype, and we certainly don't need to be made uncomfortable or under pressure at the most beautiful, wonderful, and priceless time of our life!" "We must remember that the entire process of giving birth to a small child is a celebration that we are privileged to witness," she continued. Kajal also offered some advice to expectant mothers that she believes will help them cope with their feelings.

Many people, including Samantha Ruth Prabhu, praised the post. "You are and will always be lovely!!" the actress wrote in the comments section of the post. In the comments area, fans left heart and applause emojis.

For the past few days, Kajal has been in Dubai. The actress has been posting images from her trip on Instagram, with her developing baby belly showing up in some of them.