Sardar has had an excellent Diwali at the box office, with Monday being the largest day of the run.

Sardar had a fantastic Monday at the box office, with the biggest day of its run yesterday. It saw a significant increase in Tamil Nadu, which collected 7.25 crores, and India, which crossed the 10-crore milestone.

Sardar had a fantastic Monday at the box office, with the biggest day of its run yesterday. Tamil Nadu had a 40 percent increase in collections, garnering over Rs. 7.25 crores, while other regions saw similar results on Sunday. The overall figure reached the double digits, bringing the total to approximately Rs. 31.25 crores,The biggest advances in Tamil Nadu occurred outside of the larger cities, which were held back during the first three days of the Pre-Diwali period. The holiday period will last until Wednesday, with some holiday carryover on Thursday, keeping collections high in these smaller centres.

Sardar's box office collections in India are as follows:

  • Friday - Rs. 6 crores
  • Saturday - Rs. 7 crores
  • Sunday - Rs. 8 crores
  • Monday - Rs. 10.25 crores
  • Total - Rs. 31.25 crores

Sardar is following in the footsteps of another Karthi-starrer Diwali movie, Kaithi, which had a slow start but made significant gains over the festival weekend thanks to positive word of mouth. Kaithi grossed Rs. 2.40 crores on its first day, doubled to Rs. 5.40 crores on Diwali, and ended its first week with a total of Rs. 26 crores. Sardar opened to Rs. 3.50 crores on Friday and quadrupled to Rs. 7.25 crores on Diwali. In the state, the first-week figure is projected to be Rs. 33-35 crores. The film has also done well in Telugu states, earning approximately Rs. 8 crores each day. Karnataka has also performed well at the lower levels

The territorial breakdown of Sardar's box office collections in India is as follows:

  • Tamil Nadu - Rs. 20 crores
  • AP/TS - Rs. 8.25 crores
  • Karnataka - Rs. 1.80 crores
  • Kerala - Rs. 90 lakhs
  • North India - Rs. 30 lakhs
  • Total - Rs. 31.25 crores