After RRR, Alia Bhatt wants to be a "household name" in the south. 'I'm just waiting for that.'

Alia Bhatt, a Bollywood actress, has stated that she wants to do pan-Indian films and hopes that after RRR, she would be embraced by the southern states' audiences.
alia bhatt

On Friday, Alia Bhatt, director SS Rajamouli, and stars Jr NTR and Ram Charan promoted their upcoming film RRR in Chennai. The Raazi actor was asked how she felt about being a part of such a monumental project that has the potential to make her a household figure in the southern regions.

Alia acknowledged her delight and stated that she was hoping for a similar reception after RRR. "Aap ki mooh mein ghee-shakkar, that's all I'm waiting for," she remarked in Hindi. I hope this occurs, and I would love to be a household name since travelling with them is incredible (Jr NTR, Ram Charan and SS Rajamouli). They have a lot of affection and a lot of reach with their followers, and they do wonderful work, so that translates. So that's something I'd like to do as well."

Alia was also asked to talk about her debut Telugu film and her experience working on it. "The encounter was just great, he is too lovely," she remarked. I suppose I'd like to have more of that kind of experience. Sir, I keep wondering what he intends to do next. These guys (pointing to Jr NTR and Ram Charan) were incredible, and they treated me with such kindness. Charan would bring me food, Tarak would teach me Telugu or Tamil, and they were always on the lookout for me. On set, they were also fantastic. The two would occasionally have inside jokes that I would not understand, so I would take my time and they would patiently explain to me."