Anushka Sharma On Juggling Chakda Xpress and Vamika, Declaring That She Doesn't Want To Do Pictures Merely For...

Vamika requires more time with her mother than with her father, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have come to terms with this. Anushka has decided she won't act in more than one movie per year as a result.
Anushka Sharma On Juggling Chakda Xpress and Vamika, Declaring That She Doesn't Want To Do Pictures Merely For...

Among other Bollywood performers, Anushka Sharma has carved out a space for herself with films that are both commercial and rich in content. She is not only a fantastic performer but also a devoted mother to her daughter Vamika. After becoming a mother, the actress said lately that she has grown to be "self-assured and a more confident person."

Anushka responded, "It has inwardly made me a considerably more self-assured individual - I feel I'm way more confident as a person," when Grazia asked how life has changed since Vamika was born. Caring for another person and prioritising the child in all decisions is a very real thing. I want to emphasise how crucial it is for your youngster to feel a connection with this. The relationship is particularly special because I am so hands-on and do everything for her while also enjoying it. She seems to be developing a sense of security, and I'm pleased with that.

Anushka is about to debut her upcoming Chakda Xpress. She remarked of the comeback project, "The entire previous year was spent filming Chakda. After I finished shooting, I would only have that much time to spend with my daughter, give her food, follow her bedtime routine, and then go to sleep. Vamika was welcomed back by Anushka and her husband Virat Kohli in January 2021.

According to the actress, she will only work on films that are worthwhile for her time and effort. "I don't believe that I had time for anything else. I'm fine with making more films, but only if they are worthwhile and make sense. I'm absolutely clear that I don't want to make films merely to stay in the game. A movie like Chakda would have to be the choice, she insisted.

The life of cricketer Jhulan Goswami is the subject of the biopic Chakda Xpress. She makes her film debut in the movie after being away for nearly 4 years. She last appeared in Zero alongside Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan. The forthcoming sports drama will soon be available on Netflix.