At the age of 60, Ashish Vidyarthi marries once more to Rupali Barua.

In Kolkata, Ashish Vidyarthi wed fashion mogul Rupali Barua. Rajoshi Barua was his first wife.
At the age of 60, Ashish Vidyarthi marries once more to Rupali Barua.

On Thursday, seasoned actor Ashish Vidyarthi married for a second time. According to numerous accounts, he wed Rupali Barua in a private registration ceremony in a club in Kolkata. Online images from their wedding have just appeared.

Rupali Barua and Ashish Vidyarthi get married.
Ashish may be seen in the pictures dressed as a groom in a Keralan Mundu. Rupali chose an Assamese Mekhela Chador in white and gold to go with him, and she added some golden jewellery that was modelled after South Indian temple art. Their wedding reportedly only had close family and friends there.

Ashish Vidyarthi on wedlocking 60-year-old Rupali Barua
The actor told Times Of India that being married to Rupali is an unbelievable sensation at this point in his life. In the morning, we had a court wedding, and in the evening, we got together.

Rupali Barua: who is she?
Entrepreneur and native of Guwahati is Rupali. Her premium clothing boutique in Kolkata is well-known. On the other side, Ashish frequently documented his trips to Kolkata in his vlogs. When the journalist questioned Ashish about how the two met, he replied, "Well, that's a long tale. I'll talk about it later. "We got together a while back and decided to move forward. But we both wanted it to be a small family affair," Rupali remarked. She also briefly discussed what attracted her to the actor, who is well-known for doing challenging and dark roles in the business. He is a lovely human being and a terrific soul to be with, she said.

A grand reception is said to have followed Ashish and Rupali's wedding.

Rajoshi Barua, a former spouse of the National Award-winning actor, is Shakuntala Barua's daughter. Their son Arth Vidyarthi is another child. In Kuttey and Trial by Fire, Ashish was last observed.