Surekha Vani, a Telugu actress, responds to the drug scandal news by pleading with people not to "play with our life."

After her phone number was discovered on the contact list of a drug dealer, Telugu actress Surekha Vani has addressed the controversy that has surrounded her. The actress appealed to the media to cease involving her in pointless debates that could have an impact on her and her daughter's future on social media. Some well-known figures from the film and television sectors have not yet replied. The celebrity trial over drug scandal claims a few years ago generated problems for those in attendance, but since there was no evidence linking them to the scandal, the problem did not come up again.
Surekha Vani, a Telugu actress, responds to the drug scandal news by pleading with people not to "play with our life."

As a result of her phone number being discovered on drug dealer KP Chowdary's contact list, which has been making headlines for the past three to four days in Hyderabad, Surekha Vani, known for portraying characters and other significant roles in Telugu cinema, has been thrust into a scandal.
The attractive actress has now responded to the allegations and shared a post on social media that read, "Please stop dragging us into unnecessary disputes that will affect our lives and future, as she also has an unmarried daughter." The local Telugu media and YouTube channels have started highlighting her name along with her Instagram pictures. She also urged the media to refrain from exploiting their lives by publishing news stories and films about them.

Notwithstanding the fact that no one was convicted in the Tollywood drug scandal list that made headlines a few years ago. According to reports, these accusations against the famous people who have been watching the trial for the previous few months have caused them problems. However, the matter was not brought up again because there was no evidence of their involvement in the drug dealing or swindle.

According to reports, in the most recent sample, only Surekhavani responded to these accusations; however, many other well-known figures from the TV and film sectors have yet to do so.
Yet, it should be mentioned that "Spy" actor Nikhil claimed yesterday at an awareness event that he had previously been offered drugs but that he could refuse them and still be a successful hero by abstaining from such pursuits. The other accused parties' comments on this will have to be anticipated.