23 fatalities in 7 days connected to over 5,500 cases: Maharashtra Covid population growth

Maharashtra Covid cases: According to a health department bulletin, the state's Covid-19 case count as of Saturday was 81,61,349, while the death toll was 1,48,502.

23 fatalities in 7 days connected to over 5,500 cases: Maharashtra Covid population growth

The number of new cases of illnesses in Maharashtra increased steadily during the week but somewhat decreased towards the conclusion. The state recorded the greatest number of cases on Thursday (April 20), 111,3, while on Monday (April 17), it reported 505 new Covid cases.

According to a health department report, the state's Covid-19 death toll reached 1,48,502 as of Saturday, bringing the total to 81,61,349 overall. In the state, the recovery rate is 98.10%.

Since January 1, 84 deaths in Maharashtra have been connected to COVID-19, according to the state health bulletin published on Saturday. While 81% of the deceased had comorbidities and 12% had none, the majority of these deaths—72.62 percent—occurred among those over the age of 60.

Here is a table outlining this week's Covid statistics for Maharashtra:

Here's a table summarising Maharashtra's Covid data this week:

MONDAY          505                            0 
TUESDAY         949                            6
WEDNESDAY   1,100                        5
THURSDAY      1,113                         3
FRIDAY             993                           5
SATURDAY       850                           4

Over the course of the week, the death toll was largely constant. Omicron XBB.1.16 is the most common form of Covid at the moment. This variation has so far been discovered to be present in 681 instances throughout the state. Five fatalities have been associated with instances of this variation thus far.

Experts on the recently established state Covid-19 Task Group have recommended that patients with Covid-19 be treated in hospitals using the pills Paxlovid and metformin due to an increase in cases of the disease being reported in the state.

In a letter sent to eight states on Friday, the federal government urged Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra among others to keep a close eye on potential viral outbreaks and take preventive measures in any trouble spots.

In a letter to the eight states, the Union's health secretary emphasised that the epidemic was far from finished and that slowing the spread of the illness was crucial.