Dengue Cases Reach 2000 in Delhi, With Over 1200 Cases in October.

Delhi Dengue Cases: In the next week, about 300 further cases were recorded, bringing the total number of dengue cases reported in Delhi this year to 2,175 as of October 26.

Dengue Cases Reach 2000 in Delhi, With Over 1200 Cases in October​​​​​​​.

In New Delhi: According to a municipal report released on Monday, there have been over 1,200 dengue cases registered in the nation's capital in October, bringing the total number of dengue infections this year to almost 2,000. More than half of the dengue cases reported so far this year—1,238 cases—have been noted as of October 26.
This year, the city has also seen 40 instances of chikungunya and 200 cases of malaria, according to the study.

The number of dengue infections was 1,876 as of October 19.

According to a report provided by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, around 300 further cases were recorded in the following week, bringing the total number of dengue cases registered in Delhi this year up to 2,175 as of October 26. (MCD).

September saw the reporting of 693 instances out of the total reported cases.

According to the data, it is also the greatest number of dengue cases recorded between January 1 and October 26 since 2017, when the same figure was 3,829 cases. The disease has not yet been linked to any documented deaths this year, compared to 23 deaths from dengue in 2021, according to the study.

The city has seen a significant dengue outbreak in 2015, with 10,600 cases reported in October. The dengue epidemic in Delhi was the worst since 1996.

The city reported 23 dengue cases in January, 16 in February, 22 in March, 20 in April, 30 in May, 32 in June, 26 in July, and 75 in August, according to the MCD report released on Monday.

Dengue and malaria cases are often reported between July and November, occasionally continuing until mid-December.

The symptoms of COVID-19, which also include fever or chills, muscle or body pains, weariness, headache, and other symptoms, are extremely similar to those of vector-borne diseases, according to authorities of the MCD's health department, which include high fever, headache, rash, and muscle and joint discomfort.

In the city last year, there were 9,613 dengue cases reported, which is the most since 2015 and 23 fatalities, which is the most since 2016.

According to the study, from January 1 to October 26, 2018, Delhi registered 1,595 dengue cases. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, such numbers were 1069, 612, and 1,537, respectively.

Dengue caused ten recorded deaths in each of the years 2016 and 2017, four in 2018, and two in 2019.

According to official statistics, 4,431 dengue In Delhi, there were 4,726 instances in 2016, 2,798 cases in 2017, 2,036 cases in 2018, and 1,072 cases in 2019.

According to the MCD report, 1,55,312 homes have mosquito larvae breeding this year as of October 26.

There have been 42,928 convictions so far for mosquitogenic circumstances, and authorities have issued 1,09,505 legal notifications.