‘One Nation’ One Uniform’ is an idea made by the PM for the police.

warns against factors influencing kids to become extremists
Oct. 28, SURAJKUND (Haryana): Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the concept of "One Nation, One Uniform" for police, claiming that he was not attempting to force it on the states and that it was merely a suggestion for thought.
‘One Nation’ One Uniform’ is an idea made by the PM for the police.

Modi also issued a warning against forces that are expanding their intellectual realm in order to influence young people to join extremist groups and corrupt the brains of future generations while speaking to a "Chintan Shivir" of State Home Ministers via video conference.
To stop them from deceiving the nation's youth, he warned, "any type of Naxalism, whether it the one with weapons or the one with pens, has to be destroyed."
For the sake of the nation's unity and integrity, and in the spirit of Sardar Patel, Modi declared, "we can not allow any such forces to develop in our country."
He said that such troops receive a lot of international assistance.

The Prime Minister remarked on his "One Nation, One Uniform" proposal that he believes the police forces all around the nation may have the same appearance.
"One Nation, One Uniform is only an idea for the police. I'm not attempting to force it upon you. Just think about it. It might occur in the next five, fifty, or one hundred years. However, let's think about it," Modi replied.
He said that because they would be utilised widely, this will not only guarantee the production of high-quality goods but also provide law enforcement officers a uniform identity that will be recognised throughout the nation.

He said, "States might have their number or symbol."
In order to address the new issues of law and order and security, Modi also encouraged the State Governments to evaluate outdated laws and update them to the present situation.
Maintaining public trust in the police, according to Modi, is "extremely vital," and the "wrongs here" need to be corrected.

According to the Constitution, law and order are a matter for the State, but, as he said, they are also connected to the nation's integrity and togetherness.

According to Modi, every State should collaborate for internal security and learn from and be inspired by one another.
In addition to being required under the Constitution, cooperating among the States for internal security is a duty to the country, he said.
The Prime Minister stated that in order to assure effectiveness, better results, and protection for the average person, all agencies, both central and state-level, should work together.

He asserted that peacekeeping is everyone's duty since development and law and order are intrinsically intertwined.

Every person and every family will have more authority as the country's strength grows, he said. According to Modi, preserving the public's positive impression of the police is crucial for the integrity of the overall law and order system.
He said that various changes had been made recently to enhance the system of law and order.
We must consider a universal technological platform that everyone may use. He said that smart technology should be used to create a law and order system that is more intelligent. "Best practises of one State may be shared with others.
Regarding the spread of false news, Modi stated that fact-checking such material is essential and that technology plays a significant part in this.

People need to be made aware of ways to double-check texts before sending them, he added.
The Prime Minister stated that in order to get better outcomes, the police and security forces should reinforce their venerable method of gathering human intelligence.
He urged the States to choose technology without considering the budget since "investing in today's technology is a save in the future."

The Prime Minister stated in reference to the ongoing "Amrit Kaal" that a "Amrit" generation will arise bearing the essence of the "Panch Pran."
Good administration must be guided by "The Panch Pran," he remarked.
Assuring law and order is a 24/7 task, Modi claimed that the system may be enhanced with the use of smart technologies.
He emphasised that more interstate and international crimes are occurring and that crime is no longer only a local issue.
According to Modi, it is essential that State agencies and Central and State Agencies cooperate with one another. (PTI)