781 Omicron cases, with the majority in Delhi (238); 44 percent increase in daily Covid cases

Omicron Instances in India: Delhi has the most Omicron cases (238), followed by Maharashtra (167).

In India, the overall number of the highly transmissible coronavirus variant Omicron has reached 781. Concern, which was initially identified in South Africa in November, has already spread to 21 states throughout the country.
With 238 cases, Delhi has the highest Omicron count, followed by Maharashtra with 167 cases.

In the recent 24 hours, India recorded 9,195 new COVID-19 cases, 44 percent more than the previous day's total of 6,358 cases. The administration has been accelerating the vaccination campaign across the country.

In India, over 143 crore vaccine doses have been provided, marking an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19.

The recovery rate is now at 98.40%, the best since March 2020.

In the previous 24 hours, at least 7,347 people have recovered. There are a total of 3,42,51,292 persons who have recovered.

Active cases account for less than 1% of total cases, which is now at 0.222%, the lowest level since March 2020.

The active caseload is 77,002. For the last 45 days, the weekly positive rate of 0.68 percent is less than 1%.

For the last 86 days, the daily positivity rate has been 0.79 percent, which is less than 2%.

The risk posed by the Omicron form remains "extremely high," according to the World Health Organization after COVID-19 case counts increased by 11% globally last week. According to the WHO's weekly epidemiological bulletin, Omicron is causing rapid virus surges in various countries, including those where it has already surpassed the formerly dominant Delta type.