A Hyderabad youngster was gang-raped in the TRS leader's Innova car, and a second arrest was made | What we know thus far

A second suspect in the rape of a young girl in Hyderabad has been apprehended by police. Three of the five accused are children.

On Saturday, June 4, police detained a second suspect in the rape of a young girl in Hyderabad. Saduddin Malik, one of the defendants, was detained on Friday. Saduddin Malik and Omer Khan have been named as the defendants, while three others are children.

On Saturday, May 28, a 17-year-old girl who went to a club for a party was reportedly gang-raped by five individuals inside a car. It was first stated that the incident occurred inside a red Mercedes belonging to an MLA. However, authorities stated that the incident was committed in another vehicle, an Innova.

So far, here's what we know:
1) The 17-year-old girl went to a bar in Hyderabad on May 28. She apparently met a boy who offered to drive her home. She and his companions exited the club together.

2) The juvenile girl was then reportedly gang-raped in a parked car in Jubilee Hills by the five suspects.

3) Based on the girl's father's accusation, the police opened an investigation into unknown individuals.

4) Three of the five accused are children. Saduddin Malik and Omer Khan were identified as the other two suspects.

5) On Friday, one of the defendants, Saduddin Malik, was apprehended.

6) The TRS leader who committed the crime in the Innova car is a significant member of the governing body.

7) Efforts are being made to arrest his minor son.

8) The son of a GHMC corporator is another minor implicated.