After kicking a dog in a viral video, an Instagram "influencer" declared, "I am an animal lover."

The Instagram star apologized but claimed that she kicked the dog because she was afraid that it might attack her. She further stated that abuse is a fairly regular occurrence among Delhi and Mumbai natives. Users on social media demanded that she and her account be banned.
After kicking a dog in a viral video, an Instagram "influencer" declared, "I am an animal lover."

A video of a lady punching and torturing a dog before laughing about it went viral, sparking a huge uproar on social media. People started hunting up the individual to report the event and her account to the authorities for her arrogant behaviour as Twitter users criticised the so-called influencer's insensitivity.

The influencer, who goes by the name Kiran Kajal and has 1.21 lakh followers, apologised after receiving criticism, claiming that she loves animals and that she accidentally kicked the dog out of fear. The original video was removed, and the creator of the content instead posted videos showing her feeding and caring for dogs.

Although Kiran Kajal apologised for the slang she used, she said that Delhi- and Mumbai-based residents frequently use it. "Prior to this, I had no thoughts. The dog approached me. I then booted it. My language was poor, and I apologise. But residents of Mumbai and Delhi are accustomed to it. When the dog approached me, I became frightened. You should not dislike me. I apologise so much "In the most recent video, the content producer said.

Social media users who said the dog did not approach her or assault her criticised the apology as well. The content developer even grinned after kicking and insulting the video; it was a premeditated video.

"That was awful; it wasn't humorous. I suppose you and others around you found it hilarious, but not many of us did. Don't try to be someone you're not now because you've already demonstrated your "true colours." An NGO reacted on her apologetic video, saying, "Make sure you're not near any animals from now on, they will be much better off.

Jaan Kumar Sanu, a singer, urged others to report the incident and claimed the woman had no remorse for her actions. "You did that to a voiceless animal in exchange for two minutes of brief fame. It's "Darr gayi"? I'm curious to know how you would react if someone treated you similarly. Toh puri duniya se gaali khaaoge sirf Delhi aur Mumbai waalo se nahi, or rahi baat Delhi-Mumbai ki language ki. Guys, report this account. This woman doesn't regret anything, "On the apology video, the singer posted.