Bengaluru to have no rain relief as IMD issues a "Yellow Alert," with heavy showers expected over the next two to three days.

The IMD further stated that coastal and northern interior Karnataka should expect widespread rain over the course of the next five days.

Bengaluru, which has been hammered by rain, won't be getting any relief anytime soon, as the Met issued a "yellow alert" on Tuesday and forecast that the city will experience heavy rain for the next two to three days.

Dr. Geeta Agnihotri, a meteorologist with the India Meteorological Department, gave a rainfall report for the day and predicted "heavy rain for the next 2-3 days in Bengaluru, yellow alert was issued for today."

According to Agnihotri, coastal and northern interior Karnataka will have widespread rain throughout the course of the next five days. She said, "Widespread rains are expected over the course of the next 5 days in coastal and northern interior Karnataka, while reasonably widespread showers are expected over the course of the next 2 days in southern interior Karnataka.

Bengaluru's roads are still under water as a result of the persistent downpour that began late on Monday; waterlogging has been recorded in numerous areas of the city. A 23-year-old woman's claimed electrocution after coming into contact with an electric pole while travelling on a road that was submerged in rainwater in Siddapura was also said to have occurred. The victim was riding her scooter home on Monday night when the incident allegedly occurred.

The nocturnal rains also disrupted daily life, which caused a public outburst of rage. In other regions, boats and tractors were put to use, and even while many people have begun evacuating to safer areas, the prospect for heavier rainfall worried those who were living in vulnerable areas. Vehicles and motorcycles parked in front of homes or in basements were inundated. Office workers and members of the general public were frequently seen pushing their two-wheelers through knee-deep water.

Waterlogging was so severe in some portions of Sarjapur Road, Sunny Brooks Layout, and Rainbow Drive Layout that tractors and boats were employed to transport students and office workers in the morning. Many areas of the city, including Whitefield, Indiranagar, Kengeri, RR Nagar, Bommanahalli, Marathalli, and Mahadevapura, have been severely affected by the rain.

Some businesses were compelled to ask their staff to work from home as a result of floods and rain in numerous places along the Outer Ring Road, which is home to some of the IT industries. "I was on my way to the office when I noticed knee-deep water nearby. My car stopped in the middle of the road because water had entered the engine parts. I'm stuck here right now, unsure of what to do or who to contact," a man stated.

In addition to the traffic, there were delays with buses, cars, and taxis. A brief video showed air travellers walking through ankle-deep water in what appeared to be the city airport's entrance as ambulances became stopped in traffic jams, prompting many to vent their frustrations on Twitter.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced that the government has decided to release Rs 300 crore to tackle the flood crisis even as the torrential downpour continued to cause havoc. On Monday night, the chief minister presided over a meeting with senior ministers and officials to assess the effects of the recent rain and flooding on the state, particularly in the capital city, as well as the losses incurred. The state government has chosen to allocate Rs 600 billion to handle the rain and flood situation across the state

According to Bommai, this rainfall was the heaviest in 32 years (1992–1993), and 164 of Bengaluru's lakes were full. He continued by saying that from September 1 to 5, some areas of the city had gotten rainfall that was 150% over average, while Mahadevapura, Bommanahalli, and KR Puram zones had received rainfall that was 307% above average.