Brinda Karat has petitioned the Supreme Court to stop the demolition of Jahangirpuri, claiming it is a 'political, communal game plan.'

According to CPM leader Brinda Karat's plea to the Supreme Court on Thursday, the demolition of Jahangirpuri has a sectarian and political agenda.
brinda karat

According to Livelaw, CPM politician Brinda Karat has filed a Supreme Court petition against the demolitions in Jahangirpuri, northwest Delhi, claiming that the demolitions are being carried out as a "communal political game plan" under the cover of encroachment removal. "Under the pretence of encroachment removal, the demolition action is completely in breach of natural justice principles as well as the statutory provisions of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957, and the Constitution. It is done without any due process of law "According to Brinda Karat's petition.

"It is respectfully reported that the demolition of Jahangirpuri under the cover of encroachment removal has begun immediately following the terrible tragedy that occurred in Jahangirpuri on April 16th. The petitioner has submitted a letter to the Commissioner of Police concerning the police's prejudiced and discriminating conduct, and the fact-finding team of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and other Left parties has collected first-hand information from the field "According to the petition,

The suit was filed one day after Chief Justice NV Ramana imposed a status quo in Jahangirpuri, halting demolition work that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation had started on Wednesday. The case is set to be heard by the CJI panel on Thursday.

Brinda Karat, who visited Jahangirpuri on Wednesday, claimed in her appeal that the demolition campaign continued till 12.25 p.m., despite the Supreme Court's ruling. Despite the fact that Petitioner herself rushed to the demolition site, Block-C in Jahangir Puri, and pleaded with the Municipal Authorities and the Police to stop the demolition, stating that the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India had already stayed the demolition action – encroachment removal by way of status quo order, they refused to stop the demolition action until 12.25 PM, stating that they would not discontinue until the order is produced," the affidavit claims.

People who live and work in the Jahangirpuri region are mainly impoverished and marginalised, according to the CPM leader, and they are unable to fight the "illegal inhumae action." According to Brinda Karat, the majority of the residents in the neighbourhood are Muslim, and the authorities are taking "selective and discriminatory action."