Exclusive: India's Concerns Regarding The Chinese Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5 and Why It Has Caused A Storm

According to intelligence sources, there is a good chance that the ship, which will be in Sri Lanka's Hambantota Port from August 11 to August 17, is outfitted with sophisticated listening devices that can look far into Indian territory.
syp ship hambantota

Exclusive information regarding the Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5 and its recent journey has been provided to CNN-News18 by intelligence sources.

The Yuan Wang 5 is a dual-purpose spy ship that is used for tracking satellites and spacecraft as well as specifically for intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

The Strategic Support Force division of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is in charge of this ship. The SSF concentrates on electronic, cyber, and space warfare.

The third generation tracking ship in the Yuan Wang Series, designated Yuan Wang 5, was created by China's 708 Research Institute and entered service on September 29, 2007.

It is an extremely advanced missile range instrumentation ship equipped with the best electronic and antenna technology to enable the launching and tracking of missiles and rockets.

They are primarily utilised for military purposes by the fleets of China, France, India, Russia, and the United States.

The aforementioned ship will arrive at Hambantota Port on August 11 and remain there through August 17. A request for petrol and other supplies during the visit has been made to Sri Lanka.

After this visit, the Yuan Wang 5 will head to the Indian Ocean for additional study such space tracking and satellite operation monitoring, in accordance with the information already available.

According to sources, there is a good chance that the ship is outfitted with cutting-edge listening devices that can see deep into Indian territory.

They continued by saying that ISRO launch facilities at Chandipur as well as Indian navy sites on the east coast are all exposed in the event of such a vessel.

Indian agencies are dubious, although China has described it as normal research effort.

Sources claim that China timed this effort perfectly to take advantage of the economic turmoil in Sri Lanka and turn Lankan ports into Chinese naval outposts that the PLA might later employ. At this moment, they said, the Chinese are humiliating the Lankans in order to primarily spy on India.