General fare holders will be permitted to board intercity trains on the Pune-Mumbai route.

General ticket holders will be allowed to board a few cars on four Pune-Mumbai intercity trains beginning March 22, according to a new Central Railway (CR) rule.

From March 22, general ticket holders will be permitted to board a few carriages on four Pune-Mumbai intercity trains.

Unreserved ticket holders in the Deccan Queen, CSMT-Pune Intercity Express, Indrayani Express, and Singagad Express would have access to three coaches each, according to a recent Central Railway (CR) directive.

Passengers with unreserved tickets would be admitted in four compartments on the Deccan Express and six carriages on the Sinhagad Express.

Only those who have been properly vaccinated, however, will be permitted to travel using unreserved tickets.

"Only those with full vaccination certificates and/or universal travel cards would be issued tickets." "These are state government norms, and we cannot change them," a CR official stated, according to The Times of India (TOI).