Priyanka Gandhi on the Karnataka hijab controversy: "Women have the freedom to wear whatever they wish."

Hijab news from Karnataka: Congress politician Priyanka Gandhi has backed females protesting in Karnataka, arguing it is their right to wear hijab on college campuses.
priyanka gandhi

On Wednesday, February 9, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra voiced her support for Muslim girls taking part in the Karnataka hijab protest.

"Whether it's a bikini, a ghoonghat, a pair of jeans, or a hijab, a woman has the freedom to choose what she wants to wear," she tweeted.

Priyanka Gandhi went on to say that the right of women to wear whatever they pleased was guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. "The Indian constitution guarantees this right." "Stop bothering ladies," she said.

The Karnataka hijab issue began on January 1, when the administration of a government pre-university college in the coastal town of Udupi, Karnataka, prevented six Muslim girls from attending courses for wearing hijab, citing that the clothing violated the college's established regulations.

The matter has now escalated into a major dispute, with Hindu college students wearing saffron scarves and waving saffron flags, demanding freedom to show their religious garb and symbols if hijab is permitted in educational institutions.

Following the escalation of the hijab-versus-saffron scarves protests in Bagalkot and the imposition of Section 144 in Shivamogga on Tuesday, the Karnataka Chief Minister ordered the closure of schools and institutions for the next three days. A group of demonstrators flung stones at each other in Udupi, while a saffron flag was raised outside a school.