Tea Time announces industry-first partnership with Scrap Q for reusable cup initiative

It was a moment of pride and achievement for Tea Time as the team came together to announce their partnership with ScrapQ

Tea Time | ScrapQ

Tea Time, India’s largest network of tea franchise outlets across India announced a collaboration with ScrapQ Hub -- the leading and the largest scrap aggregator in India for recycling and reusing the cups.

The collaboration will help Tea Time work towards its sustainability goal of doubling the recycled content, the recyclability, and the reusability of its paper cup by 2022. This will support its move from a selection of plastic-lined paper cups with limited recyclability to single-substrate, clear plastic drink cups that more consumers will be able to recycle — an important pathway toward circularity.

"Our association with ScrapQ is the result of our will to recycle and reuse the cups disposed of. This is the first step in the development of a global end-to-end solution that would allow cups around the world to be diverted from landfills and composted or given a second life as another cup, napkin, or even a chair – anything that can use recycled material," said Arjun Ganesh.

"We would not only recycle and reuse the cups but ScrapQ Hub would pay the Tea Time Outlets 10/- per kg for all the used tea cups. A completely win-win situation for us. It helps to create a circular economy as waste is reduced and resources are used more productively for longer and also helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint," added Arjun Ganesh, Director Operations.

With this partnership, Tea Time becomes the first company in India to follow green emission norms. "This collaboration is the first of its kind in India to promote value from waste by recycling almost 10 lakhs of used cups in a day. Combining our recycling technology and knowledge of circular services with Tea Time’s sustainability ambitions is enabling a future business model that helps to close the loop," said Venkat Tulsi Sunkari from ScrapQ

ScrapQ is a unique service provider in the collection of recyclables, enabling recycling, confidential data destruction, and scrap disposal services in Hyderabad.

This collaboration would be a step towards achieving the Net Zero or Carbon Zero goals of the nation. A collaboration that would motivate various businesses to take the recycling and reuse leap.

Tea Time, since its inception in 2016, has successfully expanded its business with 2500 outlets in just five years. As the brand continues to grow leaps and bounds, the team is leaving no stone unturned in terms of innovations in business management.