The nation's sorrow is that good work has been politicized: PM Narendra Modi during tunnel opening

The Pragati Maidan corridor cost more than Rs 920 crore and was wholly sponsored by the national government. Its purpose is to provide access to the new exposition and conference centre being built in Pragati Maidan.

The country's "misfortune" is that excellent work becomes entangled in politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked on Sunday when inaugurating the much-anticipated Pragati Maidan tunnel and five underpasses.

"I had the honor of inaugurating the Defence Office Complex last year." "Hamare desh ka durbhagya hai ki bahut si achchhi cheezen, achchhe uddeshya se ki gayi cheezen, rajneeti ke rang mein phans jati hai (It is our country's misfortune that a lot of decent, well-meaning things become mired in politics)," he added, referring to the two complexe

The Pragati Maidan corridor cost more than Rs 920 crore and was wholly sponsored by the national government. Its purpose is to provide access to the new exposition and conference centre being built in Pragati Maidan.

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"Creating an integrated transportation route in such a short period of time was not simple." This section of road, where the tunnels and underpasses have been built, is one of Delhi's busiest and most congested. It is used by thousands of cars every day, and the tunnel was built beneath seven active railway tracks. "This project had numerous challenges, but it was done," Modi stated.

He claims that new ventures are usually criticised. "Hamare desh mein kuchh bhi kaam karo toh judiciary ke darwaze khatkhatane waalon ki bhi kami nahin hai, har cheez mein adangaa daalne wale log to hote hi hain, har cheez mein adangaa daalne wale log to hote hi hain." Desh ko aage le jane mein anek mushkilen paida hoti hain. Is project ko bhi kathinayion se guzarna pada. (Whenever you try to achieve something in this nation, there is no shortage of individuals who will move courts and put up roadblocks. Many issues develop in the course of moving the country ahead. This project, too, encountered challenges.)" Modi said.

"However, this is modern India; it resolves difficulties, takes commitments, and makes every attempt to keep those vows."

When the Congress was in control, the redevelopment of Pragati Maidan was envisaged, but it stayed on paper, according to Modi. "The central government is working tirelessly on cutting-edge infrastructure and exhibition halls to host world-class events." In Dwarka, an international convention and exhibition centre is being built. "These projects are models in and of themselves," he remarked.

"I had the privilege to launch four exposition halls last year, and today this link... Kendra sarkar dwara karaaye jaane waale rajdhani ki tasveer hi nahin, taqdeer bhi badal rahe hain... (The federal government's development of Delhi would transform not just the look of the city, but also its destiny)," Modi stated.

The national government's drive to expand and modernise is aimed at making life easier for inhabitants of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), according to the Prime Minister. "All development activity that is currently being done or will be done in the future should be environmentally sustainable," he stated.

"Whenever there is an event in central and New Delhi near ITO, I tell the SPG and security men to escort me before peak hour traffic so that commuters don't suffer issues amid massive traffic jams," Modi remarked of the traffic congestion. However, the tunnel will now give users with smooth and continuous communication. It would save 55 lakh litres of gasoline each day and reduce pollution... "Our objective is to make India green, clean, and sustainable," he stated.

Modi stated that measures to save money do not receive as much attention as schemes to spend money. "If I announce a plan to give people Rs 100, it creates a headline, but when I do work to assist them save Rs 200, it does not find a place in newspapers or media." The reason for this is that it has no political clout. But we must strive for the people's welfare and the city's prosperity..."

During his visit to the tunnel, the PM was observed cleaning up garbage from the road and taking a walk to look at the artwork and paintings on the walls.

"I originally took a trip in a jeep, but after about 5-10 minutes, I stepped out since I couldn't take my eyes off the captivating beauty of the art." "I wandered for 10-15 minutes and appreciated the artwork depicting India's culture, festivals, and six seasons," he remarked.
Modi stated that he had recommended to officials that the tunnel be closed to automobiles for four to six hours every Sunday when traffic is light, and that kids be given tours. "It has the potential to be a fantastic platform for youngsters and the general public to discover art and learn about our culture." "The tunnel should be handled as an art exhibition," he said.

Modi has also requested that the Ministry of External Affairs arrange for all foreign ambassadors and diplomats to visit the tunnel. The mural in the six-lane tunnel is said to be the world's longest.

The tunnel runs from the NSIC Purana Quila Road to the Pragati Power Station. There are six underpasses: four on Mathura Road, one on Ring Road, and one on Bhairon Marg.

Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal and Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri also attended the ceremony. Several newly recruited and trainee Delhi Police officers were also present.

"The building work of Central Vista and new Parliament work is also in full gear," the PM remarked of the Centre Vista project. In the following days, India's capital will be discussed across the world, and every Indian will proudly proclaim, 'Mera Bharat Mahaan.'"