At Mumbai's Juhu Koliwada beach, two boys died and two are still missing due to Cyclone "Biparjoy."

The police saved Dharmesh Bhujiya and Shubham Yogesh Bhogania, who were then taken to Cooper Hospital where they were later pronounced dead.
At Mumbai's Juhu Koliwada beach, two boys died and two are still missing due to Cyclone "Biparjoy."
On Monday, grieving relatives and family members of the boys gathered at Mumbai's Juhu Koliwada beach.

Officials verified on Tuesday that two of the four youngsters who were presumed to have drowned on Monday in Juhu Koliwada in Mumbai after entering the choppy water have passed away.

Both 16-year-olds Dharmesh Bhujiya and Shubham Yogesh Bhogania were saved by the neighbourhood police and transferred to Cooper Hospital, where medical staff pronounced them dead. There are still two missing boys.

Eight lads participated in the incident at Juhu Koliwada in the western suburbs. They ignored the sea was choppy due to Cyclone "Biparjoy" and high tide and went to the deep end of the jetty and perched on the ledge there. One of the boys was saved by a nearby fisherman, according to the Mumbai Police, while the other three fled. At 11 p.m. on Monday, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) called off search and rescue efforts because of terrible weather and darkness.

According to a city official, a Naval helicopter was sent for a search operation at 8.20 p.m. Due to dangerous water conditions, a defence spokeswoman stated that diving teams are on standby but are not currently being deployed.

Manish Bhogania, 15, and Jai Tajpariya, 16, have been named as the other two.

Dipesh Karan, 16, was the youngster who was saved, and Dharam Nitesh, 16, Kaushal Tajpariya, 15, and Ankit Bhujia, 16, were the three who were able to flee the scene. They are all Vakola locals who live on Dutt Mandir Road.

Fishermen and people are given a warning
Because of the hazardous circumstances, authorities have already advised residents and fishermen from going into the water before cyclone "Biparjoy" makes landfall on the Gujarat coast on June 15.

The majority of the lifeguards are stationed at Juhu beach because it is more popular with tourists, and this area of the beach rarely has any. "Although the locals are aware of the risks posed by the choppy sea, children and visitors are not and enter the water. A fisherman remarked, "The sea is so wild that it's hard even for us to rescue or bring the boats inside.