"Case of Re-Victimization": Ex-Supreme Court judge protesting against wrestlers

The victims have been "re-victimized," according to Justice Lokur, as the grapplers wait for justice.
"Case of Re-Victimization": Ex-Supreme Court judge protesting against wrestlers

Madan B. Lokur, a former judge of the Supreme Court, criticised the Delhi Police on Tuesday for how it handled the cases brought against Brij Bhusan Sharan Singh, the outgoing president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), as well as how it handled the wrestlers who were protesting and against whom FIRs had been filed.
Judge Lokur stated during a panel discussion on "Wrestlers' Struggle: Responsibility of Institutions" that as long as the grapplers wait for justice, the victims are being "re-victimized."

"This is a blatant instance of victimisation again. The wrestlers have acknowledged feeling pressure, "said he.

The former Supreme Court judge criticised the Delhi police for delaying the process and claimed that the wrestlers were compelled to take to the streets since their complaints against Mr. Singh, a BJP MP, went unanswered.

In addition, Justice Lokur emphasised that the WFI lacked a committee to handle sexual harassment claims, which is illegal.

"They didn't decide to visit Jantar Mantar right away when the demonstration began in January, after all. Much earlier was when the sexual harassment started. They complained, but the wrestling federation had no complaints committee "explained he.

Judge Lokur also discussed the wrestlers' view of the threat and emphasised that the Supreme Court had ruled that security should be provided for them.

The victims are being told that they are criminals because they held a demonstration, he claimed, adding, "We watched the horrific scenes that happened on May 28."

In the case of the wrestlers, Supreme Court attorney Brinda Grover contended that the State had broken the law.

The existence of an internal complaints body is required by law. By not having an ICC in the wrestling federation, the State is in violation of the law, she claimed.

Grover asserted that in cases where the State is employing its agencies to break the law, the courts need to see the matter from a different perspective.

According to her, this case sends out the message that women shouldn't come forward with sexual crimes against prominent people.

Leading wrestlers from India, including two Olympic medalists and a world champion, have demanded that the WFI chief be held accountable for alleged sexual harassment by female wrestlers.

In response to the wrestlers' initial protests in January, a committee was instructed to investigate their claims. The committee's report was kept a secret.

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On April 23, the wrestlers sat in protest at Jantar Mantar. On May 28, the opening day of the new Parliament building, the Delhi Police forcibly removed them.