Police said Rishabh Pant is lucky to be alive after being hurt in a car accident close to Haridwar.

Rishabh Pant, who was travelling from Delhi to Roorkee, was critically hurt in a car accident near Narsan, in the Haridwar district, around 90 kilometres from Dehradun.
Police said Rishabh Pant is lucky to be alive after being hurt in a car accident close to Haridwar.

Police said that when the Indian cricket team's top wicketkeeper batsman's Mercedes GLE struck the divider rails on the Delhi-Haridwar highway at approximately 5.30am, he was the only one in the vehicle. The vehicle then made a couple turns before exploding into flames.
"Local police and adjacent people hurried to the scene after hearing a loud crash sound and helped him out of the automobile. After being taken to a local hospital, he was subsequently directed to a big hospital in Dehradun "Supt. Swapn Kishor Singh, Haridwar (rural) police, who was one of the officers dispatched to the scene, stated.

The senior police officer disclosed the injuries by saying that, "Pant suffered wounds to his right knee, wrist, and forehead. He is able to speak and is cognizant. He was driving a burned-out wreck of an automobile. He was quite lucky to survive the terrible accident."
When asked about the accident's potential cause by a fellow police officer who witnessed it, the officer spoke on condition of anonymity to TOI "Pant probably fell asleep behind the wheel because there was no roadside fog that may have reduced vision. In addition to bruising on his back, he has a cut on his left brow and a ligament lesion on his right knee."

"The burned-out automobile has been removed for more research. There is nothing within the airbags to confirm whether they had opened or not, thus that information is unknown. There is an investigation underway, "the officer replied.
His treatment facility, Max Hospital Dehradun, reported that a medical team is now "holding an examination for any probable inside harm."

We will be able to notify you of the severity of the injuries and the necessary therapies after the examination is complete. Having said that, his condition is steady. After the review is finished, a thorough medical bulletin will be released, according to Dr. Ashish Yagnik, medical director of Max Hospital in Dehradun.