On an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, a drunk man pees on a female passenger and is let off the hook after landing.

Regarding the event that happened on November 26 when the flight was travelling from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Delhi, Air India has filed a police report.
On an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, a drunk man pees on a female passenger and is let off the hook after landing.

New Delhi: In a startling incident that just came to light, a drunken guy on an Air India aircraft from New York to Delhi allegedly urinated on a female passenger before getting away with nothing. On November 26, 2016, the event happened on board Air India aircraft AI-102, which departed from New York's JFK airport at roughly 1:00 p.m. local time.

The female passenger, a senior woman in her seventies, was sat in the aisle seat of the business class on the trip when the intoxicated male passenger allegedly exposed himself and urinated on her. The woman immediately informed the cabin staff about the event, but they failed to detain the disruptive traveller, who escaped unharmed when the plane touched down in Delhi.

According to a source, Air India didn't launch an inquiry into the event until after the woman wrote a letter to N Chandrasekaran, chairman of the Tata Group, about it. "The staff was not prompt in handling a highly emotional and upsetting scenario, and I had to stand up for myself the entire time while waiting for a response. The lady said in the letter, "I am upset that the airline took no effort to assure my safety or comfort throughout this occurrence.

"Shortly after lunch was finished and the lights were turned off, a fully drunken passenger went up to my seat. He unbuttoned his trousers, went to the bathroom, and then continued to show his privates to me, the letter read.

The woman added that the man continued to expose himself even after he finished peeing and only got up to leave after one of her fellow passengers begged him to. The woman promptly informed a member of the cabin crew after he left. "My shoes, clothing, and luggage were wholly covered with faeces. The flight attendant escorted me to my seat, confirmed that it smelled like urine, and sprayed disinfectant on my luggage and shoes, according to the letter.

The female traveller used the restroom on board and cleaned herself before the personnel provided her with a set of pyjamas and disposable slippers to change into. She didn't want to go back to her dirty seat, so she remained beside the toilet for almost 20 minutes. After that, she was assigned the cramped crew seat, and an hour later she was requested to go back to her original seat. Although blankets had been placed on top, she claimed that the area still smelled strongly of urine.

The woman eventually received another staff seat after two hours, where she stayed for the remainder of the journey. Later, she found out from another traveller that some first class seats were empty. "It's obvious that the personnel did not think that helping a worried guest was important. The personnel assured me at the conclusion of the trip that they would bring me a wheelchair so I could get through customs as quickly as possible. But the wheelchair left me in a waiting area, and I waited there for thirty minutes before someone arrived to fetch me. In my Air India pyjamas and socks, I eventually had to through customs on my own and retrieve the bags, she added.

A senior airline commander commented on the terrible event by saying, "The cabin staff should have followed the business rules, alerted the captain, separated this rowdy customer, and handed him over to security on landing."


Additionally, Air India released a statement that read, "Air India has reported the incident to law enforcement and appropriate authorities. We have maintained constant communication with the offended traveller. A government committee is currently debating whether to place the male passenger on a no-fly list, according to a representative of Air India, and a decision is expected soon.

Regarding the event that happened on November 26 when the flight was travelling from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Delhi, Air India has filed a police report. An Air India representative told ANI that the airline has reported the incident to the authorities, which happened on November 26 when the flight was its route from JFK to Delhi.

The male passenger should be added to a "no-fly list," according to a recommendation made by an internal committee that Air India created in the wake of the event, the official said. A government-appointed committee has been tasked with investigating the situation, and a decision is pending.


The airline has been asked to provide a report on the event by the nation's aviation watchdog, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The DGCA stated on Wednesday, "We are requesting a report from the Airline and would take action against anyone deemed culpable."