Congressman Shahi Parivar is inciting foreign powers by asking for the secession of Karnataka.

Tukde tukde gang sickness is rampant in Congress, and secret meetings with diplomats who dislike India, said the prime minister.
Congressman Shahi Parivar is inciting foreign powers by asking for the secession of Karnataka.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi increased his criticism of the Congress and set the stage for a contentious contest in Karnataka, where the campaigning for the May 10 Assembly election ends on Monday. He accused the Gandhi family of advocating for the state's secession from India and "taking the lead in working against the interests" of the nation.

At a rally held to close out his campaign in Karnataka on Sunday, Modi claimed that the "Congress party's royal family, Shahi Parivar," has been "openly inciting foreign powers to interfere" and "secretly meeting foreign diplomats who do not like India" in an effort to "influence politics" in the nation.

He claimed that he "never imagined that the tukde tukde gang sickness would reach such heights in the House."

In this Karnataka election, the Congress Shahi Parivar has advanced, defying tradition and stifling national sentiment... I must break this painful news to all of Hindustan. Yesterday, the Congress Shahi Parivar visited Karnataka and declared their desire to defend the state's independence. Are you aware of what this means? When a nation achieves freedom, it is referred to as a sovereign nation. The Congress is claiming that Karnataka is not a part of India, the man continued.

Accepting of this? Shouldn't the Lawmakers be held accountable for their remarks? This indicates that Congress is openly supporting Karnataka's breakaway from India. "I never imagined the tukde tukde gang sickness would spread to such extremes in the House," he claimed.
In response to Modi's accusation, Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra stated, "He ignored development and inflation, and I don't know what worldwide plot he was talking about," when addressing a crowd in Bengaluru South. Even now, he does not get why people want to talk about their troubles and their issues.

According to Modi, the Congress was "insulting" the state's liberation fighters and the "patriotism" of millions of Kannadigas. He claimed that the Congress had a history of splitting families and inciting conflict amongst states. "Whenever they did so, the nation's citizens banded together to defeat them. They want to take over in Karnataka at any costs for political oxygen," he added, adding that the party would hear back on May 10.

Every time the Congress assumes control, he claimed, terrorists and criminal elements gain more confidence. He claimed that this is risky for national security. "Congress has frequently shown that it supports terrorists in order to pacify them. That is what we witnessed in Kerala and Karnataka. You must keep this in mind when casting your ballot on May 10. Wherever terror, chaos, and crime are spared, there is damage everywhere, as we are observing in many different countries. Only places with law and order attract investment, he claimed, adding that only the BJP can maintain law and order.