Exclusive: Chats expose Aryan taking drugs, NCB with Ananya Panday, and ordering weed for Rs 80,000, among other things.

Exclusive: Today TV has obtained access to the incriminating WhatsApp discussions between Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday, in which the two discussed drug acquisition.
Aryan Khan

Ananya Panday and Aryan Khan have been questioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) over their drug-related WhatsApp communications. Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday discussed obtaining drugs in part of these talks, according to India Today TV.

Aryan Khan mockingly threatened his friends with getting the NCB to act against them in another chat session. The NCB is currently questioning the two through these communications. While Aryan Khan is being held in the Arthur Road prison, Ananya Panday has been subjected to two rounds of questioning by the NCB.

The NCB is holding these communications as "incriminating evidence" in the Mumbai cruise cocaine raid case, according to India Today TV.

What is the topic of the WhatsApp conversations?

Aryan Khan talks of buying drugs in bulk from Achit Kumar in WhatsApp discussions. Achit Kumar had delivered narcotics (weed) valued at Rs 80,000 to Aryan Khan.

The WhatsApp data seized from Aryan Khan's phone also showed two other people talking about narcotics in a group discussion. Apart from Ananya Panday, NCB has access to Aryan Khan's discussions with three other celebrity youngsters.

The National Crime Bureau has learned that some drug dealers and suppliers are expanding their activities and attempting to break into Bollywood and the glam world.

According to these talks, NCB is looking into Ananya Panday as a supplier who deals in tiny quantities. During the following round of questioning, the investigation agency will use these findings to further corroborate the specifics with her.

What are the results of the chats?

The first incriminating chat messages were sent in July of this year. Ananya Panday and Aryan Khan talked about drugs on WhatsApp, which Aryan referred to as cannabis. Ananya said that it is in high demand.

"I'll take it from you in private," Aryan Khan offered, and Anaya said, "Fine."

Aryan: Weed

Ananya: it's in Demand

Aryan: I will take it from you in secret

Ananya: fine

Ananya Panday appears to have been a small-quantity supplier for Aryan Khan, according to the NCB.

“Now I am in the business,” Ananya writes to Aryan in a second chat from the same date.

Ananya: now that I am in the business

Aryan: you brought the weed?

Aryan: Ananya

Ananya: I am getting it

In the most recent communication collected by the NCB, dated 04.18.2021, Aryan Khan inquired about cocaine with two of his buddies.

Aryan - Let's get cocoain tomorrow (sic)

Aryan - I am getting you guys f****d.

Aryan - By NCB

Aryan Khan, ironically, threatened his friends with the name NCB. On October 3, the drugs control agency apprehended him and eight others from a Mumbai cruise ship, and he was arrested the next day. He has been detained in the drugs case for more than three weeks.

The Bombay High Court will hear his bail application on Tuesday after the session court denied it last week.