IMD anticipates significant rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, where 10 persons are stranded in the Mandi district. 10 revisions

Due to rising water levels, 10 persons, including 5 forest officers, are trapped in Himachal Pradesh. Rescue efforts are in progress.
IMD anticipates significant rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, where 10 persons are stranded in the Mandi district. 10 revisions
Due to intense rain and landslides, a cloudburst in Jadon village, Himachal Pradesh, results in fatalities and extensive damage.

In the Mandi area of Himachal Pradesh, 10 persons have become stranded, including five employees of the forest department. According to reports, the situation is not life-threatening, and authorities are attempting to quickly rescue the trapped persons.

Here are 10 updates on the rains in Himachal Pradesh:
1) During a landslip on August 14 in Himachal Pradesh's Summer Hill region, around 17 dead have been found. According to Himachal Pradesh's Chief Secretary Prabodh Saxena, two family members' bodies have not yet been found.

2) "A rescue effort is ongoing at the Shiv Mandir, and 17 bodies have been found thus far. There are still two bodies of a family of seven missing. There appear to be three additional bodies. After speaking with the district officials, I believe they will be able to collect these dead over the next few of days, Saxena said ANI.

3) The Himachal Pradesh government's most recent statistics show that since June 24, the state has suffered financial losses totaling more than 8,000 crore due to natural disasters.

4) Due to rising flood levels and nonstop rain on Sunday, ten people—five of them forest officials—were trapped in Mandi's Koldam district.

5) According to Arindam Chaudhary, deputy commissioner of the NDRF in Mandi, "Ten individuals, including five members of the forest department and five residents, became caught in a boat at Kol Dam reservoir as a result of a rise in water level. Teams from the local government and NDRF are on the scene. Rescue efforts are in progress.

6) The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an Orange alert and forecast heavy to very heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh from August 22–24. Furthermore, according to PTI, a Yellow alert has been issued for the state's severe rainfall on August 21.

7) In addition to a wet spell through August 26, the meteorological agency has also issued a warning regarding a moderate danger of flash flooding in the catchment areas of the Mandi and Chambal districts.

8) According to IMD, the state's severe rains might cause landslides, flash floods, higher water levels in rivers and drains, as well as harm to young seedlings, standing crops, and fruit plants.

9) The most recent data released by the state government indicates that Himachal has lost a total of 8014.61 crore since June 24.

10) Federal Minister Anurag Thakur claimed on Sunday that 662 crores of rupees had been made available for Himachal Pradesh by the federal government. He said to ANI, "The Central Government has donated a total of 662 crores to the Himachal Pradesh Government. Even today, PM Modi made an announcement to provide the state an additional 200 crores ".