Latest updates on Cyclone Biparjoy: Storm less than 200 kilometres from Gujarat coast; heavy rains anticipated

Live reports on Cyclone Biparjoy: In some areas of India, particularly Mumbai and Gujarat, the storm has produced significant amounts of rainfall and powerful tidal waves.
Latest updates on Cyclone Biparjoy: Storm less than 200 kilometres from Gujarat coast; heavy rains anticipated
In Clifton Beach in Karachi, Pakistan, on June 14, 2023, a man with a phone snaps a photo of the incoming waves before the arrival of cyclonic storm Biparjoy over the Arabian Sea.

During the evening of June 15, Cyclone Biparjoy is forecast to pass through Saurashtra, Kutch, and the neighbouring Pakistani beaches between Mandvi and Karachi near Jakhau Port.

In particular, Gujarat and Mumbai have seen tremendous tidal waves and heavy rains as a result of the extremely violent cyclonic storm Biparjoy. On Wednesday, IMD issued a red alert for the Saurashtra and Kutch coasts. The authorities anticipate that the only things damaged by Biparjoy will be kutcha homes, light posts, and roadways.

Mumbai had rough sea waves; high tides are anticipated

On Thursday, when cyclone Biparjoy is predicted to make landfall in Gujarat, rough sea waves were reported near the Gateway of India.

Biparjoy is anticipated to touch down in the evening along the Jakhau coast in Gujarat and will travel the entire length of the Rann of Kutch up to Rajasthan. The Regional Meteorological Centre in Mumbai has forecast a high tide for Mumbai for 10:29 am.

"Around 05:30 IST on June 15, 2023, VSCS Biparjoy was over the Northeast Arabian Sea about 180 kilometres west-southwest of Jakhau Port (Gujarat). By the evening of June 15th, as a VSVS, to cross Saurashtra & Kutch and adjacent Pakistani beaches between Mandvi and Karachi near Jakhau Port, "IMD tweeted.

Watch as residents of Gujarat rope-link their village in preparation for cyclone "Biparjoy"

On Thursday, as cyclone "Biparjoy" is scheduled to make landfall in the coastal state of Gujarat, authorities and residents were seen putting plans in place to lessen the effects of the cyclone, which is likely to wreak significant damage. Images from Rasulnagar village in Jamnagar emerged showing the villagers erecting ropes across their community to enable mobility while enduring the expected strong winds and torrential rain that will follow the cyclone's arrival.

An online video of the preparation showed residents erecting ropes throughout the town, connecting houses to temples and other locations, in an effort to protect their safety as they navigated their surroundings in light of the impending dangerous weather conditions.

Less than 200 km from Gujarat's coast, Cyclone Biparjoy forced 74,000 people to flee

74,000 residents of vulnerable areas have been evacuated as a result of Cyclone Biparjoy, which is less than 200 kilometres off the Gujarat coast and is expected to make landfall on Thursday evening along with torrential rain and a storm surge, according to authorities.

The government relocated residents from almost 120 villages in Kutch district that were between 0 and 10 kilometres from the coast.

The "very strong cyclonic storm" Biparjoy, with winds up to 150 kph, is likely to make landfall close to Jakhau port, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The IMD predicted that isolated areas in the Kutch, Devbhumi Dwarka, and Jamnagar districts are expected to see extremely heavy rainfall as the strong weather system reaches the shore.