MP Not Impressed When Man Asks ChatGPT To Write "Approved" In Shashi Tharoor's Style

The question was, "In Shashi Tharoor's usual manner, how would you write approved'?
MP Not Impressed When Man Asks ChatGPT To Write "Approved" In Shashi Tharoor's Style

A guy requested ChatGPT, an OpenAI-developed chatbot with artificial intelligence, to type the word "approved" in the manner of senior Congressman and Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor.
Even ChatGPT recognised your distinctive approach, sir. A person by the name of Devash said on X, "It was a great experiment that I utilised to obtain clearance to be granted in an official email. He also provided a snapshot of the ChatGPT result and the prompt.

The question was, "How would Shashi Tharoor write 'approved' in his typical style?"

"Shashi Tharoor, known for his eloquent and sophisticated writing style, might express "approved" in a more ornate and nuanced manner," was ChatGPT's reaction. Here's what he might say: "In due deference to the matter at hand, it is my esteemed privilege to affirm that the proposition in question has garnered the imprimatur of the relevant authorities, thereby conferring upon it the immeasurable distinction of having been formally endorsed and sanctioned."

Shashi Tharoor, a congressman from the Congress, frequently has people look up terms in dictionaries. Mr. Tharoor responded to the piece by writing, "Awful. Just ask any official who has sent me a file. "I type 'approved'!"

More than 3 lakh people have viewed the article on X. Many people commented on Mr. Tharoor's post on social media.

A user posted, "Even a large language model like GPT will start sweating trying to copy Tharoorian style."

"Awful. Another member on X said, "I expected you to correct a grammatical error in what chatGPT posted.

"What the AI has thrown up is a smoke screen of jargon," the third user commented, "which is just stating that the advisers in the chain of hierarchy have supported it and the final sanctioning authority is approving based on the collective wisdom and jurisprudence. But who is liable legally?

Earlier, Mr. Tharoor expressed concern about how difficult it is for outsiders to pronounce his constituency's name, Thiruvananthapuram, and suggested that the capital's name should have been Ananthapuri.

The three-time Parliamentarian decided to make a post in this respect on his X account the other day after seeing a recent viral video of South African cricket players having trouble pronouncing the name of the capital of Kerala.

In the brief video, the majority of cricketers—with the exception of a few players—could be seen mispronouncing the city's name.