On their biggest day, the backstage team witnesses the dedication of the parliament building from the very last row.

Officials believed the Parliament building was finished for a month, but minor finishing touches like the silver grill on the exterior and lettering were only recently installed. The structure was now finished, but the water and rainwater collection systems needed time to stabilise.
On their biggest day, the backstage team witnesses the dedication of the parliament building from the very last row.
The Sengol that was placed in the new Lok Sabha is carried by PM Narendra Modi. PTI (Top) (Top) The Prime Minister addresses the crowd in his first speech in the new Parliament after its Sunday opening. AP

New Parliament building: Today marks the official opening of India's new Parliament building. During their arrival at the new Parliament building, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Speaker of the Lok Sabha Om Birla were seen participating in the havan and puja. The legendary "Sengol" has been placed close to the speaker's chair of the Lok Sabha by PM Modi.

The morning portion of the celebration will conclude at around 9:30 am, and the second leg is anticipated to start at noon with the singing of the national anthem in the Lok Sabha chamber in front of all the dignitaries, including Prime Minister Modi.

'Raja' and 'Praja' rule should be established: CPI(M) on new Parliament Building
Sitaram Yechury, the general secretary of the CPI(M), criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, equating his ceremonial opening of the new Parliament building to the "coronation of a monarch."

Sitaram Yechury added that today's event served as PM Modi's coronation as India's ruler.

"In reality, Modi was crowned as the new ruler of India during today's ceremony. What needs to be established is that the "new India" that Modi is referring to would be governed in accordance with the "Raja" and "Praja" principles "commented Sitaram Yechuri

PM Modi launched his own project: Chidambaram, P
P Chidambaram, a former union minister and prominent member of the Congress, poked fun at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dedication of the new Parliament House by calling it the PM's "personal project."

According to Chidambaram, the PM's personal project is the dedication of the new Parliament House.

The innovative design of the new parliament building honours longstanding democratic traditions.
The new Parliament building, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened on Sunday, features artworks that tell the history of India's democratic traditions from the Vedic era to the present.

A number of exhibits in the Constitution Hall on the new Parliament building, which was also influenced by the Sri Yantra, a symbol used for worship in Hindu traditions and regarded as a source of pure energy, show how democracy has grown in the nation.

A digital copy of the Indian Constitution may be found in the Constitution Hall, which also has a Foucault's Pendulum to show how the earth rotates.

New Parliament building is opened by a "self-glorifying authoritarian" PM, according to Congress
During the opening of the new Parliament building on Sunday, the Congress launched a harsh attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a "self-glorifying authoritarian Leader with full disrespect for Parliamentary norms."

Arjun Munda, a union minister, praises the new legislature
Arjun Munda, a Union Minister, praises the new Parliament House by saying, "Event will be written in golden language."

New Parliament building: India's development is evident: Jagdeep Dhankhar, vice president and chair of the Rajya Sabha, stated on Sunday that the new Parliament building will aid in fostering political unity and serve as a symbol of independence from the attitude of servitude.

He expressed the expectation that the new Parliament building would address the aspirations of the Indian people in his remarks during its opening.

The New Parliament Building serves as India's entry point on its path to excellence: Amit Shah On Sunday, Amit Shah, the union home minister, congratulated the Indian people on the opening of the new Parliament building and said it marked the beginning of India's path to excellence in all endeavours.

Deputy Head of the Rajya Sabha refers to the new Parliament as "shraddha sthal"
Harivansh, the deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha, said on Sunday that the opening of the new Parliament building was a historic and memorable occasion and emphasised that the building was more than just a physical manifestation of the aspirations and dreams of the Indian people.

Harivansh welcomed everyone to the new Parliament House, calling it a "shraddha sthal" (place of worship) for Indian democracy, and expressing his optimism that the new parliament will witness a number of significant decisions.

Adhir Chowdhury of the Cong refuses to attend the function despite being invited.
After getting an invitation from the government of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Member Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury chose to skip the opening of the new Parliament building on Sunday.

ANI cited persons acquainted with the situation as saying that despite being invited as a guest to sit alongside the Prime Minister, he chose not to attend today's ceremony in order to maintain his leadership of the largest opposition group in Parliament.

The administration was accused of "sidelining" President Droupadi Murmu by Congress, one of the 21 political parties that had earlier indicated their intention to boycott the inauguration.

NCP: Maha BJP won't demand a ban on SRK's films
The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) declared on Sunday that the Maharashtra chapter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will not outlaw Shah Rukh Khan films as a result of the actor's expression of joy at the opening of the new Parliament building. The actor tweeted a video of himself earlier in the day expressing joy at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's inauguration of the new Parliament building. Such a lovely new home for those who defend our Constitution, stand up for each and every resident of her great country, and safeguard the diversity of her one People, @narendramodi ji. Despite the age-old fantasy of glory, a new Parliament building was constructed for a "New India."