'Peak Bengaluru': An Auto Driver Accepts Trip Requests From Two Apps at Once

A screenshot uploaded by an X user demonstrated how a driver named Dasharath accepted two different rides on two different applications at the same time.
'Peak Bengaluru': An Auto Driver Accepts Trip Requests From Two Apps at Once
Bangalore is renowned for its thriving tech sector and terrible traffic.

It goes without saying that it might be quite difficult to find a car or cab during rush hour in urban areas. We frequently find ourselves checking multiple ride-hailing apps to enhance our chances of getting a ride and select the one with the shortest wait time. One autorickshaw driver in Bangalore, however, reversed the trend by accepting rides simultaneously on two distinct aggregator programmes.
An X user described it as a "peak Bengaluru" moment and shared a screenshot demonstrating how an auto driver by the name of Dasharath simultaneously accepted two different rides from two different applications. Both apps shared similar details including car numbers.

"two separate places. two distinct apps. two distinct phones. same car Same driver, much @peakbengaluru?" Read the post's caption, which was posted alongside the screenshot. Users were perplexed since one ride was only two minutes distant, but the other was four minutes away.

One person responded to the strange event by asking, "How did you manage to grab this pic from 2 distinct locations? There is no time to consider both phones (cleverly done).

Someone else jokingly said, "destroying space time continuum." Car drivers can moonlight, according to a third.

Dashrath needs a rise, a fourth person remarked. Others were curious as to what transpired afterwards.

A man tweeted a screenshot of the ride-hailing service Rapido that showed an absurdly long wait time of 225 minutes for an auto-rickshaw ride that only took 45 minutes at a comparable "Peak Bengaluru" occasion.

The person captioned it as follows: "The wait time at Rapido is out of control. Must wait more than 3.7 hours to drive 45 minutes."

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Incidentally, Bangalore is well-known for both its thriving tech sector and terrible traffic. In fact, Tom Tom, a location technology business, ranked the city as the second most congested in the world, behind London.