PM Modi has a history of surprising labourers during his busy schedules, not just in Varanasi.

Whenever Prime Minister Modi has been abroad, he has praised the efforts of the working people who have struggled to make a humble and honest life.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a detour from the inauguration of the Kashi Vishwanath corridor on Monday to have lunch with construction workers in Varanasi who worked on the corridor. While an exuberant crowd gathered around him, the Prime Minister sat among them for a photo opportunity, but it was also a move to show them respect and acknowledgment, a gentle gesture not seen very frequently among the tall leaders.

While some were taken aback by the Prime Minister's gesture, many who have known him for a long time were not. Despite occupying the highest post in the government, the Prime Minister has never forgotten his modest beginnings.

PM Modi was born into a humble household and has faced many challenges throughout his life, including having to serve tea at the Vada Nagar train station, which is something that everyone is aware of. Modi has recognised the work and efforts of the labour class who have worked their way to a modest and honest life even as Prime Minister, when he has travelled abroad on several occasions.

PM had snacks with the workers at the L&T workers' residential complex in Riyadh during a visit in 2016. During his meeting with the workers, the Prime Minister listened to their concerns and prospects, as well as how they were making a livelihood with dignity.

PM Modi also shared a dinner with Indian workers at the Workers' Medical Camp in Doha during another visit that same year.

PM Modi was spotted washing the feet of sanitation workers at a celebration in Prayagraj in 2019, with the message that no job is trivial, but the dignity of what one does is crucial. Modi gave a strong message on this occasion, recognising what Mahatma Gandhi stood for and battled for his entire life to demand dignity for sanitation workers.

After returning from a marathon vacation to the United States in September, he paid an unexpected visit to the Parliament's under-construction site, surprising everyone, notably the workers, who were taken aback to see Modi among them. The labourers began shouting 'Modi Modi' all of a sudden.


Pitching his security protocol, the Prime Minister walked there without any security protection and spent almost an hour engaging with the labourers, learning how the construction work was developing from them and sharing some lighthearted moments with them. He also instilled in the labourers the belief that they were undertaking a noble job and were about to make Indian history by building a new parliament.

In October, as India celebrated the historic achievement of 100 million Covid-19 vaccinations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to the RML Hospital in Delhi, where he talked with physicians and nurses, praising their contributions and tireless efforts in securing the country.


He also took the time to chat with the security guards on the premises, inquiring about the obstacles they were facing and how they were able to persuade their families to work during these difficult times. He also expressed gratitude for their contributions to the country.


The Prime Minister has often highlighted and drove home the notion that no work is small or large; it is the effort that counts. He has done so while speaking at public rallies and even at closed-door meetings with his party members and his council of ministers. The nation's tallest leader has frequently led by example and hammered home the notion that "worker dignity" must always be protected.