Private schools in Uttar Pradesh will be closed today. Reasons why

Private schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh are now closed, and students are advised to contact them for the latest information.
Private schools in Uttar Pradesh will be closed today. Reasons why
On August 8, schools in UP were closed.

Private schools in UP are closed today: According to the state's Unaided Private School Association, all private schools in Uttar Pradesh that are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), and State Board would be closed on Tuesday (UPSA).

Are public schools closed as well?
There hasn't been a government directive forcing the school holiday, though. The public schools will operate as usual.

For updates on the status of today's school shutdown, parents and kids are urged to contact their individual schools.

Why tomorrow are private schools closed?
The announcement of the closure was made in support of the principal and teacher of the school who were detained on suspicion of killing a 17-year-old student who allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the third story of the school building in Azamgarh. According to the victim's relatives, their child took the drastic measure because the principal and instructor had been "often harassing" him.

According to the school administration and HT, the youngster also had a cell phone that her parents had handed to her.

Anil Agarwal, president of UPSA, stated that the suicide case should be thoroughly investigated and that only if the accusations are proven should action be taken. "Our symbolic protest calls for a thorough examination of the situation, and if the accused are proven guilty, appropriate action must be implemented. Nonetheless, if the student has made a mistake, that too should be carefully investigated "added he.

"Parents are not willing to listen to anything; they threaten to file a police report over even the smallest of grievances. The school administration is solely to responsible if a pupil makes a mistake, the group claimed in a news release.

He added that a procedure should be put in place to stop innocent school staff from being jailed when lawsuits are brought. The fact that both school personnel were detained without carrying out a thorough investigation, he continued, is "our biggest issue with the matter."