Rahul Gandhi is poll-bound: Congress will win 150 seats, while the corrupt BJP government will only receive 40 seats. Karnataka

Rahul Gandhi said that the Karnataka BJP administration was the "most corrupt in the nation" and predicted that the Congress will win 150 seats in the next state Assembly elections while the "BJP government" would only receive 40.
Rahul Gandhi is poll-bound: Congress will win 150 seats, while the corrupt BJP government will only receive 40 seats. Karnataka

From Shilpa Nair Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress party, was in Karnataka on Sunday to promote his organisation ahead of the state Assembly elections on May 10. Rahul Gandhi remarked, "The BJP government (in Karnataka) is the most corrupt in India," while speaking to the crowd in Vijayapura. They charge 40% commission for each job.

He was alluding to concerns from contractors who claimed that the state's BJP government had demanded a 40% fee from them in exchange for government contracts.

He said that the same funds were utilised to "steal MLAs of previous government". Rahul Gandhi stated that PM Modi has to explain to the populace how the BJP purchased MLAs in Karnataka.

He said that in Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and the Northeastern states, the BJP had purchased MLAs. Rahul Gandhi said that the 40% commission they were receiving was being used to "buy MLAs everywhere."

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, predicted that his party will win 150 of Karnataka's 224 seats in the next assembly elections, compared to the "40 percent BJP government"'s receiving only 40.

Rahul Gandhi: "PM Modi and BJP leaders talk about Basavanna, but..."

Speaking at the road show, Rahul Gandhi alleged that while talking about Basavanna, the BJP leaders did not abide by his teachings.

Rahul Gandhi evoked the Lingayat philosophy on the occasion of Basavanna, a social reformer from the 12th century, in order to criticise the BJP, which is currently in power in Karnataka. "We must keep in mind that Basavanna taught the concept of democracy. Basavanna's ideas are in our Constitution, Parliament, and democracy, said Rahul Gandhi.

Basavanna advised not to be afraid and to speak the truth. As of right now, the ideology of the BJP and RSS is fostering a climate of violence and hatred throughout the nation. The Prime Minister and BJP leaders praise Basavanna, yet they ignore his advice, the Congressman charged.

He criticised PM Modi on the Adani situation once more.

Basavanna had talked about assisting the less fortunate members of society; he had not said, "assist the billionaires," as Rahul Gandhi claimed.

"I have read about the teachings of Basavanna. Get the nation's riches to Adani is not anything he has ever written. In a speech at the Capitol, I questioned the Prime Minister on his ties with Adani. What is your link to the country's whole riches, ports, and airports being transferred to Adani?," he said.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that the BJP had turned off his microphone in Parliament before eventually disqualifying him after being found guilty of criminal defamation and removed from the Lok Sabha in March.

They believe that the Lok Sabha is the only place where the truth may be uttered, but he insisted that it can be stated everywhere, including here.