Rain in Karnataka will keep schools and institutions closed today, and the IMD has issued a flash flood warning.

Authorities in Karnataka have closed schools and institutions in susceptible areas because heavy rains there have resulted in fatalities and house collapses. There have also been flash flood warnings issued.
Rain in Karnataka will keep schools and institutions closed today, and the IMD has issued a flash flood warning.
Due to a flash flood threat, authorities have closed all schools and colleges in coastal Karnataka today.

After severe rains pounded the southern state of Karnataka, resulting in fatalities and house collapses, authorities have declared a holiday for Wednesday in all schools and institutions in the susceptible areas. In various coastal and northern interior Karnataka areas, the weather office has also issued flash flood warnings.

The Chief Minister's Office issued a statement in which it was stated that "District Commissioners have declared holidays for schools and institutions in the susceptible regions and it is advised for all citizens to heed to local administration's directives."

According to a report by the news agency ANI, it also stated that the administration has assessed the risk-prone locations and is well-prepared to handle the scenario.

Coastal Karnataka and North Interior Karnataka may experience flash floods, according to a flash flood bulletin released by the Indian Meteorological Department.

The weather service predicted on Tuesday that coastal Karnataka would receive heavy to extremely heavy rains on July 26. Also, a red alert has been issued for the Kalburagi district.

An official announcement made by the Kalaburagi district government states that all schools and Anganwadi centres would be closed on July 26 as a precaution.

Meanwhile, as the monsoon rains in Karnataka continued to cause havoc, water from the Cauvery River reached several low-lying regions of the Kodagu district and alarmed the locals, according to officials on Tuesday, ANI said.

Severe rains in Karnataka's Kodagu district caused the Cauvery to overflow, enter some of the district's low-lying districts, and worry the inhabitants.

The district government recommended all inhabitants living downstream and alongside the river to move to safer regions as a precaution.

The authorities said on Tuesday that at least four people died in rain-related accidents in Udupi and Vijayapura, and added that the rain also caused extensive property damage and damage to homes in the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts.