Republic Day 2022: A look back at the 1971 conflict and a view into the future with the Rafale, P8I

Seven Rafale fighter jets will be part of three distinct formations for the Republic Day celebrations, showcasing India's contemporary fighting capabilities.

The flyover during the Republic Day celebration in 2022 will evoke memories of the 1971 war while also showcasing India's modern-day aircraft capabilities across the three armed forces.

While formations like Tangail and Meghna are named after key operations during the 1971 war, seven Rafale fighter jets will be part of three distinct formations, demonstrating modern fighting capabilities. The Indian Navy's P8I spy aircraft, which have been stationed in Ladakh and Doklam to monitor Chinese activity, would also take part in the flyover. In a configuration known as Varuna, the P8I will fly alongside the Navy's two MiG 29K aircraft.

75 aircraft from the Air Force, Navy, and Army will be part of the spectacular performance over Rajpath, in keeping with the theme of Azadi ka Amrit Mohatsav, which is commemorating India's 75th year of independence. Fighter jets, combat helicopters, and transport aircraft from all three forces will be present. The flypast for Republic Day 2022 will feature 39 fighter jets, 28 helicopters, and eight transport planes from the Indian Air Force, Army, and Navy flying in various formations.

The Rafale will appear in three different formations. Five Rafale jets will be in the Vinash formation, while one Rafale will be in the Baaz formation, flanked by two Jaguars, two Su-30s, and two MiG 29s.

In the Vijay configuration, a single Rafale will conduct a Vertical Charlie.

The flypast will be split into two parts: the first will take place before the parade and the second will take place after the marching contingents have passed through Rajpath. The Dhwaj, with four MI 17 V5 helicopters, will be the first formation before the procession begins. The national flag will be shown first, followed by the flags of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Four Rudra combat helicopters will then follow.

In the second phase, the three forces will deploy 13 formations with various aircraft.

The final formation, Amrit, would feature 17 Jaguar fighter jets in honour of the country's 75th anniversary.