Telangana has increased border checks due to an increase in Covid cases.

The Telangana government will step up border checks in an effort to reduce the number of Covid cases in the state.

In the wake of an increase in Covid infections in Telangana, the state government has decided to beef up border checks. The thermal screening will be used on the Telangana-Karnataka border as well.

Increased testing and temperature checks have been deployed by the police and health personnel at the Karnataka border checkpoints. Travelers will only be permitted to enter the state if their health conditions are adequate.

On Sunday, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao convened a high-level conference with representatives from the health and other relevant departments to discuss the spread of a new Covid-19 version. People should stay attentive, take self-regulatory actions, and follow official standards, according to Rao.

Frontline employees, those over the age of 60, and health-care personnel in the state will receive the booster dosage immunization. People should go to the nearest government hospital if they have symptoms, according to the CM.

He further urged people not to travel in groups, particularly during the Sankranthi celebration, and to celebrate at home instead. The CM was also informed about the availability of oxygen beds, medicines, and other medical equipment by the officials.

The state recorded 1,673 new cases and one fatality on Sunday. There are now 13,522 active patients being treated.