The previous administration lacked the determination to combat corruption, according to Prime Minister Modi.

The previous government, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lacked the determination to fight corruption.
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that "however strong the people are," the administration will not spare those who lie and plunder the country, adding that the previous government lacked the willpower to fight corruption.",

He explained "Governments used to run in a different way, and the system used to work in a different way, and they lacked both political and administrative willpower. Today, there is a political commitment to crack down hard on corruption, and administrative improvements are being done as well."

He mentioned this while speaking at a joint meeting of the Central Vigilance Commission and the Central Bureau of Investigation "Today, the nation believes that no mercy is provided to those who cheat the nation and plunder the people, no matter how powerful they are. They are not exempt from the government's wrath."

", he explained "We succeeded in instilling confidence in the nation over the last 6-7 years as a result of our efforts to combat rising corruption. The public now believes that government initiatives may be accessed without the use of middlemen."

"Today, there is a political commitment to combat corruption, and continual development is also being carried out at the administrative level," the Prime Minister added.

"The kind of structure that sprang up in the nation in the decades after independence, the idea that prevailed - it suggested that government kept everything under their control," he said. The governments of the day maintained complete control. It resulted in the emergence of a number of undesirable habits."

The Prime Minister sent a video message to the CVC and CBI joint conference, which was held in Gujarat's Kevadia today.

The Prime Minister mentioned that the conference's deliberations are taking place in Kevadia, which is known for the presence of Sardar Patel. "Today, during the Amrit Kaal, India is advancing towards achieving its lofty ambitions. Your action-oriented vigilance will provide power to the values of Sardar Saheb today when we are committed to building pro-people and proactive governance," the Prime Minister told the audience.

The Prime Minister urged CBI and CVC officers to recommit themselves to eliminating corruption in all aspects of national life. He claims that corruption robs individuals of their rights and obstructs the pursuit of justice for all, as well as the nation's progress and collective might.

"Today, India of the twenty-first century, together with modern thought, emphasizes the use of technology for the benefit of humanity," Prime Minister Modi said. New India invents, initiates, and puts into action new ideas. New India refuses to acknowledge that corruption is an inherent element of the system. It wants its system to be transparent, its processes to be efficient, and its governance to be seamless."

The Prime Minister explained how his government went from maximum control and maximum damage to minimum government and maximum governance in a mission mode by simplifying government procedures, charting the government's journey from maximum control and maximum damage to the minimum government, and maximum governance.

The Prime Minister described how the government places a high value on trust and technology in order to empower citizens. He claimed that the government does not mistrust the people, which is why numerous layers of document verification have been abolished.

According to the Prime Minister, this approach of trust and technology has improved governance efficiency and convenience of doing business. Many archaic rules covering licenses and compliances for enterprises, he said, have been repealed, while many strict laws that are in line with today's challenges have been enacted.