The storage expo in Delhi is dominated by 'Make in India' technology.

The India Warehousing Show showcased how the government's "Make in India" initiative has encouraged India's robotics industry to expand internationally.
made in india

The government's 'Make in India' initiative appears to have enormous potential for India's warehousing industry. This was evident at the India Warehousing Show in Delhi, when Made-in-India technology dominated the first day of the exhibition. The three-day expo will feature modern robotics, exoskeletons for lifting heavy objects, rapid warehouse construction, and other sophisticated technologies. The Made-in-India robot technology, on the other hand, was the main draw.

The robots are being used to sort items in warehousing, which is a time-consuming operation, according to Sarthak Upadhyay, an engineer at Addverb Technologies.

"Since robots were introduced, we've been able to do hours of labour in minutes." "The robots can quickly sort the commodities and deliver them to the appropriate storage sector, making it easier for all industries to function," said Sarthak.

According to Amit Kumar, co-founder of Addverb, he was given the opportunity to create a robotics business under the government of India's "Make In India" policy, and the company has since expanded offshore to become worldwide. "We now have operations in the United States and Australia, and we offer robots to a number of global corporations," he said.

A mechanical exoskeleton for human employees was another highlight of the presentation. "This exoskeleton can be worn by anyone who lifts products physically," says Vivek Pany, co-founder of Genelek Technologies, "for workers who lift big weights throughout the day at warehouses and other such facilities."