Uma Harathi receives a score of 3 in the civil services examination after five attempts

Uma Harathi N, AIR 3, conveyed a significant message with the young aspirants today in light of the UPSC results: "Failure is acceptable. I repeatedly failed."
Uma Harathi receives a score of 3 in the civil services examination after five attempts

In New Delhi: Uma Harathi N, a Telangana-born engineering graduate, needed five tries to pass the civil services exam. Third in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination 2022, she gave today's youthful candidates a crucial message: "Failure is acceptable. I repeatedly failed. Simply take pride in yourself."

Together with Ishita Kishore (AIR 1), Garima Lohia (AIR 2), and Smriti Mishra (AIR 4), all graduates of the Delhi University, Uma, an IIT-Hyderabad graduate, earned one of the top four spots.

My fifth effort was this one. It was not an easy process, and it took a long time. But the journey was fantastic. She told NDTV, "I learned from my mistakes and discovered myself. My family and friends helped me succeed.

The 28-year-old claimed that her father inspired her to pursue a career in the public service. Uma, a civil engineering BTech graduate, stated, "He kept reminding me what a tremendous platform it is, both as a job and a platform where I can accomplish something important."

She claimed that there is no one recipe for success and that persistence is the secret to achievement.

"Own up to the procedure and comprehend the test. Own up to the plan, your mistakes, failures, successes, and failures. Just take responsibility for everything, and even if you fail the test, you'll be prepared to face the world "She spoke.

She went on to say that pupils should only read as much as is necessary.

"Don't read excessively. Simply read as much as necessary and practise frequently. Because it's a competitive exam, preparation is essential. Practice frequently, develop your own method, and "a resident of Narayanpet said

Ishita Kishore, the day's top student, also discussed her secret to success earlier in the day.

"If you've made a major decision and want to pass the UPSC, be sincere about it. No matter how clever you are, you cannot succeed in the UPSC without sincerity and discipline. You must put in the necessary effort and working hours "The economic graduate made these comments to news organisation ANI.

The Commission said today that 933 individuals, including 613 males and 320 women, passed the test. There are 14 ladies and 11 males among the top 25.

To choose officers for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and other services, the UPSC examination is held annually in three stages: the preliminary, main, and interview.