Warning of Heavy Rainfall Issued for Ahmedabad, North Gujarat, and Saurashtra

In Gujarat, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning about impending heavy rains. After this time, the intensity of the rain will decrease, but certain locations may still see severe downpours, according to MET.
Warning of Heavy Rainfall Issued for Ahmedabad, North Gujarat, and Saurashtra

According to the department, areas like Gir Somnath, Amreli, Rajkot, Junagadh, and Ahmedabad are predicted to experience heavy rain today in Saurashtra and North Gujarat.

According to the Indian weather agency, the monsoon season is currently well underway and active across the whole nation. Many regions are anticipated to experience significant rainfall in the days ahead.

Waterlogging occurred in several areas of the region on Thursday as a result of Navsari's heavy rainfall.

The monsoon is active and at its advanced stage, according to senior scientist Naresh Kumar of the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Clouds are visible across the Northeastern states, Central India, Goa, and the Konkan region.

Kumar drew attention to the passage of a low-pressure region from the northwest bay to the north

The India Meteorological Department's (IMD) senior scientist Naresh Kumar stated, "The monsoon is vigorous and at its advanced stage. Across the Konkan, Goa, Central India, and the Northeastern states, clouds are visible.

Kumar emphasised the potential for heavy to extremely heavy rainfall in Madhya Pradesh over the next two days due to the movement of a low-pressure area from the northwest coast to the central region of north Madhya Pradesh. He also mentioned that due to the current low-pressure conditions, severe winds are anticipated near the west coast.

During the course of the next five days, the Bay of Bengal's moisture-laden winds are expected to cause significant rainfall throughout east and northeast India, according to the IMD.

As well as Uttarakhand and West Rajasthan on June 29 and 30, the weather forecast predicts significant rainfall in East Rajasthan until July 3.

It is anticipated that the Konkan, Goa, and the Ghat regions of Madhya Maharashtra may suffer scattered heavy to very heavy rains during the week. Up until July 5, Central India can see sporadic to moderately widespread rains.

With significant rainfall forecast in Kerala, Coastal and South Interior Karnataka, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu on specified dates during the week, South India is projected to see widespread to widespread rainfall.

To guarantee their safety throughout the monsoon season, residents are recommended to keep up with weather alerts, take the appropriate precautions, and pay attention to local authorities' advice.