Watch: PM Modi Debuts Mahatma Gandhi Monument in Hiroshima, Japan

PM Modi at Hiroshima: At the request of Japan's PM Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister Modi travelled to Hiroshima on Friday to attend the G7 Conference.
Watch: PM Modi Debuts Mahatma Gandhi Monument in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima: On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a bust of Mahatma Gandhi in Hiroshima. Modi is in Japan to attend the G7 Summit at Fumio Kishida's request.
Upon the bust's unveiling, PM Modi presented flowers to Mahatma Gandhi.

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi travelled to Hiroshima for the G7 Summit at Fumio Kishida's invitation.

After unveiling the bust of Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi told reporters in Hiroshima that people around the world still experience fear when they hear the term "Hiroshima."

He stated: "In Japan for the G7 Summit, I had the chance to dedicate a bust of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi's bust in Hiroshima will advance the concept of nonviolence."

Knowing that the Bodhi tree I sent to the Japanese prime minister has been planted in Hiroshima so that visitors might appreciate the value of peace when they visit is a terrific moment for me. I honour Mahatma Gandhi," PM Modi continued.

The G7 Summit, to be held in Hiroshima from May 19–21, is why the G7 leaders are now in Japan. Of note, Japan took over as G7 President in 2023.

The Summit is a yearly gathering of world leaders from the G7 countries—France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada—in addition to the European Union (EU).

As PM Modi arrived in Hiroshima on Friday, members of the Indian diaspora in Japan gathered at a hotel. "Bharat Mata ki Jai" and "Vande Mataram" were applauded. They also shouted praises for Prime Minister Modi.

Importantly, the G7 alliance includes Germany, Canada, France, the US, the UK, Japan, Italy, and Canada. Leaders from Australia, Brazil, Comoros, Cook Islands, India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam were invited by Japan as part of their G7 Presidency.

India has been invited to attend the G7 conference as a guest nation. Nuclear disarmament, economic resilience and security, regional concerns, climate and energy, food and health, and development are the main focuses of the G7 summit's outreach to the invited guest nations.